In today’s world all kids want a cell phone including the younger ones, my little nephew asked for one and of course, we said no to an iPhone, he’s to young for that kind of a phone.

So of course I went online to find something that’s kid-friendly and would be perfect for him to use, to call his friends and family. The GABB Wireless phone for kids is just that, perfect. For only 19.99 he will have unlimited talk and text, and that’s all he really needs, another thing is this phone has zero internet access, another great thing he is way to young to be on the internet anyways,

This phone also comes with a GPS tracking, this way they know where he is at all times, knowing where your child is at all times gives a peice of mind, he will definatley be happy with this phone, and he can use his finger to lock it, thats another great thing he has control of his phone in a sence.

This phone comes with 14 essential apps, music, messanging, camera, calender, gallery, video, contacts and FM radio, voice recorder and so much more and of course we cant forget the bluetooth thats also in the phone, he can hook it to his speaker and play his music from there.

Theres also the Gabb plus plan you get all the above and group image texts something to look into as he gets older , this phone is good for a couple of years.

As your child gets older you worry more, having that gps on the phone will help you worry less, you will be able to see them and know where they are and what they are doing.

Im thinking of getting this phone for my husband, he doesnt need anything fancy and this would be good for him. he doesnt really use a phone and for him this would do. This phone is everything they need and nothing they dont need, I love that theres no way he can get on the internet with the way things are today, its great peace of mind.

For your phone needs head over to Gabb wireless and see why I think this phone is good.



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