Even though it is rarely a cause of death, living with a chronic skin disorder does affect your entire well-being and the quality of your life. Studies have shown that a skin disease often causes us stress and depression, because it can lead people to social withdrawal, frustration and loss of confidence. It also works the other way around, that stress and depression cause us skin problems. You might think it's a lose-lose situation, but there are ways to help you deal with this problem that you learn to live with on a daily basis.

Most common types of skin problems:

There is a long list of skin diseases, yet the most common may be: acne, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, hives and rashes, candidacies, and athlete's foot. Some ailments are temporary, and some go and return, and others can stay. In all cases, skin diseases will either cause  itchiness, redness, dryness, tenderness, or swelling, an unpleasant appearance or, more often than not, a combination of symptoms.

While much of the information about your type of illness and what you can do about it will come from your doctor, there are many online sites that will also provide you with information. Itchy Little World is one site you can visit, where you can learn about new products available, and new information about various skin diseases and how you can help yourself.

Here are some things you can do to help you with your skin ailment.

Do the things you love: Because skin disorders are so visible, people with them become very self-conscious and start withdrawing, not wanting to be seen in public. There is no reason to change your lifestyle and become a hermit because of this problem. Get out and enjoy your life to the fullest!

Focus on other physical aspects: Maybe you have a skin problem, but we bet you have great hair or mesmerizing eyes! Everyone has something beautiful or at least some feature they can beautify more. If it's your physical appearance that is bothering you, focus on one of your many other strong features.

Identify the triggers: Skin ailments are triggered by one thing or another, causing them to flare up. Always watch out and be mindful of what triggers yours and realize that triggers can be mental negative thoughts as much as physical triggers such as scented fragrances. Have you tried meditation? It just might work to get your mind off of things.

Check your environment: The weather itself can cause a flare up of some types of skin disorders. Extreme hot weather or extreme cold weather may both have an effect. Try to stay in a comfortable environment whether at home or at work.

Young and old

Children are also prone to certain skin conditions and you would need to have the condition analyzed as soon as possible. There are skin problems that are hereditary or ‘run in the family' which is one reason why you have to learn to live with it despite the challenges. You can find online support groups and forums. So at least you know you are not alone.


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