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The Coffee Machine

The Coffee Machine



Sometimes you have to go back to the basics for the best coffee. “The Coffee Machine” has become one of my best friends. Running here and there made me feel that a single serving of coffee might be best. But times has changed and so have I. Setting the machine at night has the family waking to the smell of fresh coffee every morning. As a result, my second cup is already ready when I am. “Capresso“, you are truly several steps above the rest.

Excuse me for just a moment while I pour myself a second cup of coffee.  I really enjoy my coffee black, with or without cream and/or sugar. Most people may have a favorite way when it come to that perfect cup of coffee. The various varieties flavors and that great warm feeling if what I thrive for. How do you enjoy your coffee?

There are several feature that keeps the SG220 first on my list. These coffee makers are great for every kind of occasion. Therefore making the coffee maker the best gift to give. Pods are expensive and you still have to wait for your cup to brew. If you are on my list for a gift this year and I know you like coffee act surprised when you open your gift.


  • Gold Tone Filter – Don’t waste money on single paper filters.
  • Adjustable Strength Setting – No worries of adding the wrong amount of coffee grounds.
  • Programmable Timer – Coffee is ready to help you get started.
  • Brews 12 Cups – Enough for the whole family and a second cup.
  • Drip Stop – Allows one to pour a cup while brewing.
  • One year limited warranty comes with your coffee maker.

This coffee maker can be purchased at several places. Go ahead and visit the company website You can order a machine online or register the one you get from me. Should you ever need any additional accessories, just visit the website or call the customer service line.




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