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The Coolest Inventions of the 1970s

The Coolest Inventions of the 1970s

Can you dig it? The 1970s are considered the dawn of a new era of culture. From consumeristic gadgets to individualistic ways of life, disco music, and cinematic classics like Star Wars, nobody can deny that a multitude of incredible objects came out of this wistful decade. here are some of the coolest inventions of the 1970s to remember if you’re curious about what products and innovations were born during this exciting time.

The Mobile Phone

What’s cooler than your own personal phone? Interestingly enough, the first cell phone prototype ever was invented in 1973 by the telecommunications company Motorola. The mobile phone had no Wi-Fi, the device took hours upon hours to charge, and it was around a foot long in length. While this prototype was nothing like the cell phone millions of people carry in their hands or bags today, it worked. That fact in itself is monumental to remember how far we’ve come.

The Sony Walkman

One of the coolest inventions of the 1970s has to be a Walkman cassette player. Sony was the true king of music systems that were well-designed for quality, function, and portability. The company introduced a small, portable cassette player to the consumer market in 1979, which opened doors to the modern devices we all know today. While even CD players and mini iPods seem obsolete in our modern era of smartphones and music streaming apps, the greatest impact from these prototype Walkmans is how the players distinctly changed the way we listen to music.

People may argue that nobody really listens to these music systems anymore, unless you’re like the Marvel character Star-Lord who was abducted by aliens in the ‘80s, but Walkmans have come back in style a bit. Some current Etsy shops sell cassettes of popular albums, and a classic Walkman can go for a nice sum on eBay these days. Our listening habits today are unique and personal because of such technological innovations.

The Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube is one of the most popular and iconic toys of all time. This top-selling puzzle toy was invented by a Hungarian professor of architecture in 1974. Erno Rubik was his name, and his original intention was never intended to be a product that would become a children’s toy. Rather, he used the cube to teach his students about spatial relationships.

To him, the “magic cube” was a direct symbolism of order and chaos in the world that could be solved with mathematical principles. Nevertheless, the challenge this puzzle proposes transcends ages, languages, genders, and time to bring people together to find a solution.

The Slickest Toy: Slime

Google dubbed 2017 the year of slime. Many people know of the recent slimy revival that has overtaken the world all thanks to social media. However, not everyone is aware of the history behind the slime trend. The well-known toymaker Mattel first introduced this toy sensation to the market in 1976. Retro slime was designed with a “gross” factor in mind, nothing like the beneficial and aesthetically-pleasing slimes that are known nowadays.

While the 1970s were a strange time, the years were nothing but transformative for the generations of people to come. Without the original foundations of these cool inventions, the world would look very different today.