John Proctor sits down to dinner with his spouse, Elizabeth. Mary Warren, their slave, has mosted likely to the witch tests, defying Elizabeth's order that she continue to be in your home. Fourteen people are currently in jail. If these charged witches do not admit, they will certainly be hanged. Whoever Abigail and also her army name as they go into hysterics is arrested for bewitching the girls.


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Proctor can hardly believe the fad, as well as he informs Elizabeth that Abigail had sworn her dancing had nothing to do with witchcraft. Elizabeth wants him to indicate that the complaints are a sham. He claims that he can not verify his allegation due to the fact that Abigail told him this details while they were alone in an area. Elizabeth loses all confidence in her other half upon hearing that he and Abigail were alone together. Proctor demands that she stop evaluating him. He says that he really feels as though his house is a courtroom, but Elizabeth responds that the real court is in his very own heart.


When Mary Warren returns residence, she provides Elizabeth a doll that she stitched in court, stating that it is a present. She reports that thirty-nine people now stand implicated. John and also Mary say over whether Mary can proceed going to the trials. He threatens to whip her, and also Mary proclaims that she conserved Elizabeth's life that day. Elizabeth's name was obviously discussed in the complaints (Mary will not name the accuser), yet Mary spoke up in Elizabeth's protection. Proctor advises Mary to visit bed, yet she demands that he quit buying her around. Elizabeth, at the same time, is persuaded that it was Abigail that implicated her of witchcraft, in order to take her area in John's bed.


Hale sees the Proctors since he intends to talk to everybody whose name has actually been mentioned about witchcraft. He has actually simply visited Rebecca Nurse. Hale proceeds to ask inquiries regarding the Christian character of the Proctor home. He keeps in mind that the Proctors have seldom went to church and that their youngest child is not yet baptized. Proctor describes that he does not such as Parris's certain faith. Hale asks to state the Ten Commandments. Proctor requires however fails to remember the rule restricting adultery.


At Elizabeth's urging, Proctor educates Hale that Abigail told him that the children's health issues had nothing to do with witchcraft. Surprised, Hale replies that many have actually already confessed. Proctor mentions that they would certainly have been hanged without a confession. Giles and Francis rush right into Proctor's residence, sobbing that their spouses have been apprehended. Rebecca is charged with the supernatural murders of Mrs. Putnam's children. A guy purchased a pig from Martha Corey and also it died shortly afterward; he wanted his cash back, however she refused, stating that he did not understand just how to look after a pig. Every pig he acquired after that passed away, and he implicated her of alluring him to ensure that he would be incapable of keeping one alive.


Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick, the town marshal, show up with a warrant for Elizabeth's arrest. Hale marvels since, last he listened to, Elizabeth was not charged with anything. Cheever asks if Elizabeth owns any type of dolls, and also Elizabeth replies that she has actually not possessed dolls given that she was a girl. Cheever snoops the doll Mary Warren provided her. He discovers a needle inside it. Cheever associates that Abigail had a fit at dinner in Parris's house that night. Parris located a needle in her abdomen, and also Abigail implicated Elizabeth of witchcraft. Elizabeth brings Mary downstairs. Mary notifies the inquisitors that she made the doll while in court and stuck the needle in it herself.

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