Decorating a kids room can be a lot of hard work. Their room requires more effort than the other bedrooms, because they’ll spend much of their time in it. Plus, you need to get the atmosphere in the room exactly right, so they sleep well at night.


If you’re looking for ideas on decorating a child’s bedroom, then here are four things you must have:



The Perfect Bed

Every child needs the perfect bed for them to sleep on. There are many choices available to you, from bunk beds to ones shaped like race cars. Choose a bed your little one will love and have no trouble sleeping in. Don’t forget you need all the sheets and pillows for the bed too. A site like Manchester Madness sell all the accessories you’ll need. If your kid doesn’t have a comfortable bed, they’ll struggle to sleep. And do you know what that means? You’re going to struggle to sleep too!

Toy Storage

A child’s bedroom is usually littered with all their toys. They end up all over the place, which makes it easy for them to get lost. So, a must have item for their bedroom is some form of toy storage. You can buy lots of boxes and storage units to keep all their toys in one place. It will stop them from being played with once, and then misplaced. Plus, it keeps their room a lot neater as the floor won’t be scattered with toys. This means they’ll have more space to play and enjoy their free time.


No, not a phone! I’m talking about a mobile that hangs from the ceiling above where your child sleeps. This is such a simple addition to the room and has such a big impact. As well as looking stylish, it can seriously help your child at night time. Staring at a mobile can calm them down and make it easier for them to fall asleep. The great thing about mobiles is that they come in so many different varieties. No matter what your son/daughter likes, there will be a mobile to their taste. And, they’re relatively cheap, which is why they’re on my ‘must have’ list


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Of course, what kids room would be complete without all the toys. Some people say you shouldn’t buy kids too many toys because they’ll get greedy. I think that’s fair enough, but what you should do is buy them toys they can learn from. A toy kitchen is a perfect addition to their bedroom. It’s a fun toy for them, but also gets them thinking and learning about cooking. They’ll start to develop an interest and want to cook things for real. When they’re in their teenage years and cooking their own food, they’ll thank you for the toy kitchen. Obviously, there are lots of other educational toys you can buy your children to put in their bedroom too.


Include all four of these things in the room, and you’ll have something to be proud of. Your child will adore you and love the new room you’ve made for them. It will be designed to meet their every need, which is basically just sleep and entertainment!


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