The Different Types of Baby Formula for Infants

Did you know that nearly four babies come into the world every second of the day? With so many mouths to feed, finding the proper nutrition is a necessity for helping them grow and develop. Luckily, this guide on the different types of baby formula will help you decide which formula to get for your infant to help them grow and stay satisfied.

Cow’s Milk Formula

Cow’s milk formula is among the most popular types of baby formula on the market. The formulation closely resembles breast milk, so it’s familiar for babies. Furthermore, it offers balanced nutrients for easier digestion and satiation.

While most infants can handle cow’s milk for their nutritional needs, some have an intolerance to cow milk proteins. In these cases, switching to alternative milk formulations can help aid in acid reflux, colic, gassiness, and intolerance.

Soy Formula

Soy formulas forgo the use of lactose and rely on soy proteins for an infant’s daily nutrition. It’s a plant-based type of baby formula, great for babies who live with allergies or colic.

However, for babies who have an intolerance to lactose, there’s also a chance of soy protein sensitivities. Therefore, closely monitor your child for adverse reactions.

Goat’s Milk Formula

There are many benefits of goat milk formula for babies, including that it contains necessary proteins and vitamins for growth, closely resembles breast milk, and is easy to digest for infants.

Many European-based companies—such as Holle, HiPP, and Nannycare—don’t use corn syrup, gluten-related carbohydrates, sesame oil, and cottonseed oil in their goat milk formulations. This makes many types of goat milk formulas safe for most infants to consume.

Specialized Formula

For babies with medical conditions, you might need a specialized baby formula. Thankfully, premature baby formulations, extensively hydrolyzed formulations, and hypoallergenic amino acid–based formulations exist. If your infant requires any of these formulas, you can find options for their needs.

Infants all have their specific needs when it comes to nutrition. Knowing the different types of baby formula will help you choose the right formula for your baby’s growth and development.

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