The Downside of Substance Abuse and Why You Should Avoid It

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A 2015 survey shows that 10% of the American population battled a drug-related disorder at some point in their lives. Today, millions of citizens suffer from substance abuse and need treatment for addictions. Experts have described it as using drugs excessively or for any non-medical purposes. You may portray a pattern of dangerous utilization of substances for mood-changing reasons as substance abuse, whether the substances (not just drugs) were obtained illegally or otherwise. But not every instance of abuse is an addiction; it sometimes leads to the person becoming addicted to drugs. What are its downsides, and why should you avoid using drugs excessively? Let's discuss these matters.

Symptoms of substance abuse

How do drugs affect your brain? They stimulate the dopamine that triggers a feeling of intense pleasure. You become addicted to chasing this “high” and repeat these pleasure experiences. So, this obsession motivates you to consume these substances excessively while other pleasure-inducing feelings gradually become unexciting. Drugs influence your memory, judgment, and decision-making abilities, while they cause further chemical changes in your brain as well. Here are some results of drug abuse in folks:

  • Feeling often nauseous
  • Being late for work frequently
  • Spending money on drugs excessively
  • Your physical appearance may change
  • Having no energy for routine activities
  • Strokes, seizures, and mental confusion
  • Changes in your behavior with friends/family
  • Becoming defensive when someone confronts you
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try quitting
  • You keep using drugs even after their dangers are apparent

Treatment options for substance abuse

Many patients take prescribed medication and don't fall victim to addiction. After a doctor's suggestion, the fear shouldn't prevent you from taking drugs legally. If drugs are causing problems, we recommend you seek help quickly. Contact Delphi Health Group to receive individualized treatment for every form of addiction. You can find rehab centers for medical detox all over the country. Let's discuss some addiction-preventing strategies to help people remain healthy:

  • Avoid friends who pressure you to abuse drugs or use them excessively.
  • Don't abuse prescription medication or consume drugs for recreational purposes.
  • Review your family history to check for instances of substance abuse in your ancestors.
  • Seek professional assistance from a therapist/counselor if you suffer from mental health issues.
  • Stay away from triggers/stressors while practicing stress-management techniques to overcome your problems instead of relying upon drugs solely.

Reasons why you should stay away from drugs

A 2017 report indicates that every 12th American suffers from substance abuse disorder (SUD). During an ongoing global health crisis, these instances increased in 2020. But it would help if you differentiated between the case of drug abuse and addiction. When you're taking more than usual doses or using drugs to feel good, then it's drug abuse. When you can't stop taking drugs then its addiction. What are the demerits of drug abuse? We've discussed some benefits of overcoming drug abuse to help people overcome addictions:


  • Honing your mental health:-


There's a well-established connection between drug abuse and mental disorders. Experts estimated that almost one-third of adults suffering from SUDs also experience depression. Similarly, alcoholics may develop mental health disorders due to excessive consumption. So, you should avoid engaging in drug abuse to maintain your mental well-being. When you undergo rehabilitation, it strengthens your mental health as well. Abusing drugs can only make you a tortured prisoner of your delusions. 


  • You can save some money:-


Statistics from 2019 have indicated that Americans spend $150 billion annually on illicit drugs. Thus, you can spend your wealth on noble pursuits instead of wasting it to purchase substances. We have seen addicts recovering from financial instability while overcoming their addiction and gaining economic independence. They start saving money, paying their bills, and staying away from debts. It enables them to escape financial stressors, thereby improving their mental health properly.


  • Strengthen your memory:-


An addict should undergo recovery to strengthen their memory. Abusing drugs may affect your memory – especially after long-term exposure to illicit substances. Many addicts have faced blackouts where they don't remember what transpires after drinking too much. These blackouts can influence your memory negatively and cause permanent problems. But detox can help your mind bounce back from these moments of weakness. Thus, you retain memories without any fear of losing your mind.


  • Make yourself more confident:-


Substance abuse can negatively influence your confidence and self-esteem. Using drugs excessively often causes feelings of failure, and addicts lose self-control. People feel powerless before addictions and are plagued by self-blame. The snare of guilt and blame can force people to commit deeds such as lying and stealing as well. So, recovery can build your self-esteem. You regain your sobriety, due to which your self-confidence gets boosted. You stop living in fear, anger, and self-hatred all the time.


  • You keep healthy relationships:-


When SUD patients enter rehab, they have fewer friends. Drugs force them to isolate themselves from friends/family and engage in self-absorbed activities. So, they can't establish/maintain healthy connections with people. Quitting helps them realize their mistakes and rebuild their broken relationships. They learn about staying present and nurture their associations with people. You must avoid abusing drugs to stay connected with folks you care about and stop pushing them away too!


We've discussed how SUD has become almost a pandemic in the country today. Research indicated that 27% of deaths from overdose worldwide happen in the United States. It would help if you differentiated between drug abuse and drug addictions. Learn the symptoms of someone abusing certain substances. So, we suggest you get the help! Also, learn that SUD remains treatable, and people suffering from drug abuse should seek professional assistance. A rehab center can help them detox and overcome their cravings. Recovery enables you to strengthen memory, improve mental health, and regain self-confidence. You can establish healthy relationships with people. Also, you can save some money by not spending excessively on drugs.

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