Signing up for a sponsored charity event is one of the greatest experiences in life. The event can be a springboard to push your life in a better direction. It’s also a chance to give something back to those less fortunate than yourself.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5k run or an endurance triathlon. This is a physical challenge that you’ve set yourself, and if you can help others along the way, then that’s great. While it is a recreational activity, though, you should be prepared to pump your heart and soul into it.


Put in more, and you’ll get out more too. Here’s how you can take your achievements to the next level.


Train Properly


Partaking in a charitable event is a very noble thing to do, and your desire to help others should be commended. Let’s face it, though, there’s also a sense that this is an opportunity to better yourself too. So take it.


Training properly for the event takes weeks of dedication but that work will all be worth it in the end. Find a suitable training plan for your marathon or other event preparations, and follow it. Believe us, this will make a vast difference to your enjoyment on the day too.


Make no mistake, the feeling of completion is one of utter elation. However, the journey is as important as the destination. Embrace it.


Let It Improve Other Areas Of Life Too


Training for the event won’t just improve your fitness, it will boost your appearance and confidence too. Moreover, the added energy and other health benefits will serve as the perfect foundation to improve other areas of your life too.


Take this opportunity to employ better eating habits with healthy snacks and meals. Then use those positive vibes to enhance other elements of your life such as your career or relationships.


You’ve signed up for this event to better your life. Just do it.


Embrace Support


Unless you’ve specifically signed up for a team endurance race, this is a personal challenge. However, you do not have to feel alone. Embracing the support of friends and family could be the key to achieving more.


You could get friends to join you in the event. But even if you don’t, their support can guide you to better results for yourself as well as raising more funds for the charity. You can also use personalised products from Custom On It to encourage an even greater level of support both during the build up and the event itself.


Many people feel a little shy about accepting the support, but this is a crucial aspect of the whole process. Dismissing it won’t just affect you, it will also impact the charity you’re raising for.


Be Social


Your friends and family aren’t the only form of support you can gain. The internet is brilliant for many things, and spurring you on for charity events is one of the best.


In addition to setting up an online fundraising page, you can use social media and online forums to connect with other competitors. This can allow you to gain tips or simply make new friends ahead of the event.


If you meet them on the day, they might even become lifelong acquaintances. Now that is a great way to get more out of the event.


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