Wondering how to choose the right strain of marijuana? We share what you need to know in this essential guide to the most popular weed strains.



Cannabis is quickly becoming legal all across the world, so more people consume it than ever before. No matter the use, medical or recreational, the legalization and decriminalization removes barriers and stigma that previously kept people from becoming users. Workplaces, rental housing, and other organizations are still adjusting to these changes.

Still, it's high time you learned more about pot. Great news, too: You're in the right place to learn some of the most popular weed strains on the market!

To start with, if you're not aware, there are two common varieties of marijuana, indica and sativa. These two weed types both have therapeutic effects and can get you high, but have some important differences. When it comes to ways you can consume marijuana, there are many options out there – from smoking and vaping to marijuana edibles that you can eat and share (if you're feeling generous!)

For many people, indica strains are calming and lead to sleepiness. Sativa, on the other hand, often have energizing effects. This is not a rule, so it's important to test your reaction to a variety of weed strains to find what you like, instead of making assumptions.

Read on to learn about top-selling cannabis strains.

Blow Your Blues Away With Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most-loved weed strains available, and it's no accident. This high-THC sativa-indica hybrid has a lovely smell and taste reminiscent of blueberries, and grants users energy and a relaxed mood.

Blue Dream is a great option for first-time pot users, as it's a good medium between the effects of sativa and indica. It has all the energizing properties of sativa strains and usually lacks the negative effects, like paranoia. Keep in mind that some users have different reactions, though.

One of the Most Popular Weed Strains for Aches and Pains: Harlequin

Aches and pains from cancer, chronic illness, accidents, and all kinds of ailments are one of the biggest reasons people turn to medical marijuana. 

Whether or not you're familiar with marijuana, you've probably heard of CBD. CBD is one of the common marijuana terpenes, the chemicals that affect us when we smoke, vape, and eat cannabis products.

The CBD you see in drugstores and for sale to anyone online comes from hemp, a kind of cannabis used for other purposes. Because hemp is legal, anyone can buy it. However, hemp doesn't cut it for many patients, so medical marijuana from dispensaries like these Harvest locations is necessary.

Harlequin is one of the best strains for medical marijuana users. It's a sativa with high CBD content, and lends users a winning combo of pain relief and an energy boost. 

The Classic Hindu Kush

Cannabis has its roots in South Asia and the countries that make up the Middle East. Hindu or Hindi Kush is one of the original strains from the Pakistan/Afghanistan area, and it's as good as always.

One of the biggest sellers, Hindu Kush is a high-THC indica with the typical calming effect. Try it for anxiety and stress or pain, its strong suits. Like the other strains, it's great for other purposes, too!

Home Design, Marijuana, and More Ways to Relax

Now you know a few of the most popular weed strains and have everything you need to head to the dispensary and try something tested and true…even if it's new to you!

After choosing a product and heading home to enjoy it, take another look at our site. We have plenty of great articles on marijuana, home decoration, and more for you to read and relax.

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