Are you in love?

Falling in love is one of the most amazing experiences a human can have. Suddenly, your world revolves around so much more than just you and you have a whole new reason to get out of bed in the morning. 

Love is also notoriously hard to describe, and can be even more difficult to show! If you love someone and want to let them know, there are plenty of little things you can do to get that message across.

For inspiration, here are 5 great ways to show someone you love them.

  1. Make Time for Them

Nothing is more valuable than your own time, so why not give some to the person you love?

Most people have been guilty of getting too wrapped up in work or prioritizing the laundry over their loved ones. By doing this, you're not putting your relationship first and you might even be making the person you love feel like less of a priority.

So, take some time out once in a while to really spend time with your partner. It's one of the simplest ways to show someone you love them but can do so much good for your relationship.

This quality time shouldn't just be turning on the TV or interrupted by your phone, either. Get away from screens and spend some time actually talking to each other. Enjoy each other's company and let your partner know this is time for just you and them.

  1. Spend Time Doing Their Favorite Things

It's easy to brush off the hobbies your partner has that you don't enjoy. If they love football but you hate it, why watch it? 

Well, this can actually be one of the best ways to show someone you love them. It shows them that you're willing to put them first and go out of your way to make them happy. Your interest in their hobbies will mean a lot, so bite your tongue and play a game of dungeons and dragons or go dress shopping once in a while. 

  1. Use Your Love Languages

Have you ever heard of love languages? If you're wondering how to show someone you love them, this could be the answer. 

A lot of people struggle to show their partner just how much they mean to them, but understanding your love language can make it a whole lot easier! This concept is based on the book The 5 Love Languages, and it could be a game-changer in your love life. 

According to the book, here are the 5 love languages:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Spending quality time together 
  • Giving or receiving gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touching

Knowing your love language, your partners' love language, and ones that you both respond to can help you express your love fully. 

  1. Give Them Small, Meaningful Gifts

Whilst showing someone with crazy, expensive gifts isn't always a great way of showing love, good love gifts can be a wonderful way of expressing how much someone means to you. These gifts are usually thoughtful, have plenty of meaning behind them, and can carry a message.

For example, if your partner love going on hikes, buy them a new pair of cozy walking socks to keep their feet warm. It's the thought behind the gift that carries the love. 

Your gift doesn't have to be something you've bought, either. If your partner always does the cooking, why not offer to do it one night a week to help them relax? This is just as good a gift as any you could find in a store!

Gifts can be a way to show your partner you're thinking of them during the day. They can also show appreciation, understanding, and plenty of love. 

  1. Respect Them 

You don't always have to come up with elaborate, creative ways to show someone you love them. One of the best ways to show love is by showing respect and understanding of the person you're with. 

This can come in many forms. Showing you value their opinions and feelings, for example. If your partner feels happy to be open about things that might be hard to talk about, they'll feel much more loved. 

Respect can also mean supporting their interests and endeavors, even if you have doubts. Or, it might mean speaking kindly about or to them and building them up rather than tearing them down. 

Respect is essential in any healthy relationship. It's a great way to express love and will make your partner feel secure, safe, and happy. 

Little Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

If you want inspiration for small ways you can show love, here are some ideas:

  • Write them notes from these intense love quotes and pop them in their bag every now and then
  • Give them more hugs if they thrive on physical touch
  • If they're stressed about a job you could do, such as making time to vacuum, do it for them
  • Listen to them without distraction and talk properly about their thoughts
  • Show them affection around others
  • Take them on dates, even if you've been together for years
  • Choose them over your interests now and then, such as skipping a get together with friends for a romantic night in
  • Be open about your feelings, fears, and dreams

Always Show Love

Love is one of the greatest things we can show, so make sure you try to express it every day! Learning to show our love can be transformative in a relationship, so if you think your partner isn't getting enough then make a real effort to change that. Our tips for how to show someone you love them should help!

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