If you are making your 2019 travel list, you need to add Hong Kong to it without a second's doubt! Several travellers, residents as well as expats often say that a minute in New York is a second in Hong Kong. The city has as many as 7 million residents, and there are good reasons for supporting it. Hong Kong buzzes with energy right from the time you step in and hardly lets you down. If you love shopping, this is the place to be. That aside, you can also enjoy the best sightseeing options and enjoy the active nightlife.

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Whether you are a tourist or a resident, there are several things to explore in Hong Kong. If wondering what to do in Hong Kong, there are many other resources on the web as well. Also, you can add the following activities to your to-do list in Hong Kong.


  1. Check-out the breath-taking view from Victoria Street

You shouldn’t be missing out on this one! Taking a look right from Victoria Peak is a must-do. Also, it happens to be the city’s best attraction. The site rises over 1,805 feet atop sea level. Even the summit provides scenic and picturesque views of places like Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island, and Kowloon. Also, when the day is clear, you can also have a look at the eight Kowloon Mountains.


  1. Savour the best dim sum at the famous Tim Ho Wan

When you translate Dim Sum, it means “touching your heart.” However, it also indicates a family-style meal that comprises of dumplings as well as other dishes which gets served on small plates or the steamer baskets. Initially, consumed as an afternoon or a morning meal, Dim Sums today can be consumed anytime. And Hong Kong is arguably the best place to consume it. Few restaurants serve dim sums to visitors or residents in pushed carts. The others enable you to place an order directly from the menu. Restaurants like Tim Ho Wan offer you the best fare.


  1. Make sure you take a ride of the star ferry

It is yet another must-visit option! The Star Ferry on an average transports 20 million riders right across Victoria Harbour annually. The ferry has been present since 1888 and is here to stay. The public transportation system of Hong Kong is considered one of the leading one globally. It is seamless when you travel between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. And here you wouldn't like to miss the ferry ride. You can pay a minimal fee and get to experience one of the scenic boat rides around the globe. It enables you to have a look at the serene water and also the stunning skylines.


  1. Head to the city’s shopping zone

Anything that you wish to purchase is always available on Hong Kong streets. The famous Ladies' Market is a place that has over 100 stalls that sells both accessories and clothing. There's also the Temple Street Night Market that you can visit and but anything from noodles to watches. That aside, there's also the Cat Street which is popular for antiques. For electronic devices, you can be there at the Apliu Street Market. The Fa Yuen Street is also called the Sneakers Street.


There are several other places to visit and things to do in Hong Kong. However, you can start with these four and expand your list as you keep traveling.


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