The Hot Logic Portable Oven

Enjoy a delicious meal wherever your day takes you with Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven or feed a family with the Family Size Portable Oven! Hot Logic is faster than a crock-pot. It gives you healthier, better tasting food than you'd get from a microwave and uses far less energy.  It won’t heat up your kitchen like your oven would!  Plus it’s portable… what’s not to love!  Check out all of their amazing products here. >>

Hot Logic is perfect for am individual person or even for a family on the go or you can just use it as an alternative to a slow cooking pot.  Whether it's going on beach trips, road trips, using it in the office, on camping trips or just needing to have hot food when you're out running errands for the day, the Hot Logic cooking containers are a delightful and useful appliance!

The patented 12V Hot Logic Mini is a personal portable oven that's great for using in the car, on a job site, the campsite or anywhere you have a 12V cigarette lighter style outlet.  It can easily accommodate food containers up to 8.75-Inch W x 6.75-Inch L x 2.5-Inch H.  Just use a flat-bottomed, sealed-top container – any metal, plastic, glass, cardboard or ceramic food containers – and you'll be able to enjoy your meal in little to no time!  The Hot Logic Family measures at 9 X 13 and uses 100 watts of power.  You will need a power inverter.  The Hot Logic Family can hold any  standard casserole dish with a lid or even several smaller ones if you have different food dishes to cook and serve at the same time.

Both sizes reheats pre-cooked foods very quickly; around 45-60 minutes. They both also cook many raw foods and even frozen foods in approximately 2-4 hours.  The Hot Logic is simple to use. Just extend the cord from the back pouch, plug it in, place your container(s) of choice on the hot plate, zip it closed and go on with your life while it does its thing.

Clean up is also a breeze. Remove the cooking hot plate and clean the container like you would any reusable, insulated grocery bag. Easily wipe the inside with a soapy cloth or disinfectant wipe. We hand-wash the bag as needed.  However, for daily cleanup, simply wiping/disinfecting the inside between meals will be good enough.

The patented heating element will “slow cook” raw food to a safe eating temperature of 165-170 degrees.  And it will not go any hotter than this!  Therefore your meal will never burn nor dry out. Your hot meal will be ready to eat when you are. No longer will you have to guess when to put your dish in the oven to be ready when everyone else is.  With the Hot Logic, you simply start your meal early and rest assured that it'll be ready when you are.  Plus, you’ll love the convenience and versatility of using any flat-bottom, sealed-lid container made of glass, plastic, tin/metal or paperboard.  Yes!  That's right!  You can even heat/cook microwave meals right in their box containers!

Hot Logic safely holds food at the perfect serving temperature for hours – no over-cooking! You really have to experience the better quality and flavor of food prepared in the Hot Logic to appreciate it.

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