Nowadays the phrase “social media and Instagram” is used together quite commonly. Well, social media is set of websites or applications which deal with sharing of information, and on the other hand, Instagram is one of the popular applications which are very much used nowadays. Instagram helps its users to post messages, photos or videos instantly which get shared within the group members. The information you post may or may not be liked by other users in the group. But in case they like it, they start becoming your followers.

Some of the tips to gain followers for Instagram account are as follows:

Using proper hashtags

Provide proper hashtags to the words or photos you want to highlight in your postings. Selection of hashtags for improper words may damage the intention behind your posting of information. Too many hashtags in your posting also make your post clumsy.

Ensure the timing for the post

Whenever you post anything always ensures the time you post your message. This becomes very important when you are posting some marketing information. The followers may either check their messages in the morning or the night as they will have their daily duties to complete. There is a chance of viewing your messages in case they are idle at that particular time. So, timing is crucial while posting to get a good response to your postings.

Concentrate on the celebrity status

Concentrate on the celebrity status of the users who are also the Instagram followers. If possible, team up with such people who can help you in increasing your follower's list as the celebrity themselves have many followers. In case you are a brand and want to do marketing, linking celebrity’s photos along with your brand may increase your revenue level. Something that also became unexpectedly popular are unboxing videos. You can take advantage of this hype by collaborating with your chosen trusted personality wherein they can create these unboxing videos each month. And if you're looking to step up your buyer's experience you can create a uniquely-designed subscription box packaging that will make your brand memorable and stand out from its competitors.

Develop interesting questions

Create interesting questions and host it on your Instagram account. This will create interest in all other followers, and there is a chance of new followers adding up to the group to answer such questions. This is just for fun. You may not get a monetarybenefit from it, but the number of followers may increase, and the interaction between the group members will regenerate.

Accept the comments from other users in a positive way.

Accept the comments positively and act accordingly. This attitude makes followers feel good about the original poster of the image.
This may be the beginning of good followership. That being said, you may also want to use a growth service like

Growthoid (learn more at alongside this as another way to grow your Instagram.

Share the latest discounts and product releases

In case you are dealing with a brand or brand yourselves, sharing of latest information regarding the new product releases, discount offers, etc. will attract new followers to your account provided they like your product. Many people dealing with garments industry is using the same concept and many people have succeeded in it.

Use worthy applications on your system

You can increase your followers if the posting you post is clear and good looking. This is very important when a photo or video is being shared. So good photo-editing applications have to be installed in your system and using these applications you can do wonders and create good looking and attractive pictures to make your post worthy and meaningful.

It is really necessary to add new Instagram followers to expand your online business. Promotion through Instagram has become easier than ever. You can follow our blogs to know more about Instagram features and add new followers to your profile.

Author bio: In this post, the author Daniel Bond teaches you about how to manage new Instagram followers which is necessary for every online business. He has given a quick guide regarding how to increase new followers for Instagram easily and quickly.

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