It begins in the mid 1930's in Tennessee, in the midst of the depression. For William and Helen Helmsley it means a whole lot more. As William struggles to find work in a depression laced town, Helen gives birth to twin sons. Knowing how difficult it is to make ends meet for just themselves, William arrives to a revival tent meeting being led by Reece Wade (Ray Liotta) who is telling those present of their own recent troubles of trying to conceive and now being told they will never be able to have children. He asks those in attendance to pray for God's favor to provide and in William's case, the solution to their financial problem.

Elvis had a stillborn twin brother, and this movie explores the story of identical twins separated at birth, with the illusion of one of the twins being dead and buried. We thought this was a awesome movie and enjoyed watching it. My husband is the biggest Elvis fan.

This movie basically asks the question: What if Elvis' brother lived and was raised by a different family? Would he have been just like his brother. If you love Elvis, or like Elvis, or are curious about Elvis, you need to see this movie.The movie is fictional and takes lots of themes and well-known individuals of the 50's & 60's and meaningfully blends them together into one life, that of the Identical! Basically twins are separated at birth and both become famous singers, one impersonating the other, way before they discover they are brothers. The movie showed a lot of respect for the relationship – and honored the ‘faith' struggle of finding one's own path in life.

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