The Importance of a Clean Environment for Your Pet

The Importance of a Clean Environment for Your Pet

From the first time that your child looks up at you with big eyes and asks for a puppy, you know that an animal may soon enter your life and claim a piece of your heart. Learn the importance of a clean environment for your pet.

It’s Their House Too

For many homeowners, the toll a pet might take on floors and furniture is the first thing that comes to mind. The potential impact on allergies is another concern. But if you decide to welcome an animal friend to the family, your house also becomes their house.

You should pet-proof your home before introducing the new member of the family to the house. Ensure you’re using pet-friendly cleaning products in the home, remove toxic plants, and beware of choking hazards.


Clean bedding can help your pet avoid skin problems, parasitic infections, and allergic reactions. Vacuum pet bedding weekly, and wash it whenever it becomes visibly soiled or smelly. Pets are sensitive to smells, so use unscented, hypoallergenic laundry soap. This way, your pet won’t reject clean bedding because of its scent.

Food and Water Bowls

Pets need fresh food and water in clean bowls. Wash pet bowls daily in hot water with pet-friendly dishwashing soap. This prevents the accumulation of bacteria that can make your pet sick and can even infect you if you touch germs and then touch your nose, eyes, or mouth without thoroughly washing your hands first.

Food Storage

A clean bowl won’t do your pet any good if the food served in it has become contaminated or has gone bad. Store pet food in sealed containers to ensure it stays fresh and is free from contamination by germs and pests. You wouldn’t eat food that has been sitting out overnight, and neither should your pet.

Cat Litter

Cat feces can contain a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a flu-like illness that’s dangerous for pregnant women and people with compromised immunity. Toxoplasmosis can even cause birth defects. Talk to your obstetrician-gynecologist about the risks of keeping a cat while pregnant.

Cats jump up and walk on everything, from furniture to kitchen countertops. Even if your cat is exceptionally tidy, filth from the litter box can still end up all over the home. Empty and clean cat litter boxes daily to prevent the cat from tracking dirt, germs, and traces of urine and feces around your home.

Cleaning Fish Tanks Regularly

While you can’t cuddle a fish, aquariums are popular with those who find observing fish relaxing. Change the water in the tank regularly and use a good filter to keep it clean and free of algae. Otherwise, algae can build up and rob fish of essential oxygen. Some fish breeds eat algae, helping to keep tanks healthy.

Your pet will thank you for understanding the importance of a clean environment for them and reward you with years of companionship and enjoyment.

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