The country of The Republic of Turkey geographically occupies two continents, Asia and Europe. It has acted as a barrier and a bridge between them throughout history. The capital city is Ankara. Its largest city is Istanbul, and Turkish is their official language. 

Moreover, different seas also surround the country. The south part is the Mediterranean sea, in the west lies the Aegean Sea, and the north is the  Black sea. The country’s climate varies in different regions. It also has a rich, unique, and different culture compared to its neighboring countries. Turks are known to be family-oriented, and also hospitable. 


Whenever they invite visitors to their homes, they make sure that they offer food and drink before their visitors leave their house. To know more about The Republic of Turkey, read the different facts of the country below that you should know. 

Crop Producer

One of the exciting Turkey facts is its being among the top crop producers worldwide. The agriculture sector comprises approximately 23% of the country’s economy. There are millions of farmers actively tilling their land for different crops and other agricultural products. 


Milk is their most valuable product, and wheat is their common raw material in creating and manufacturing necessary food products. The country is also known for producing cotton, grapes, apples, sunflower, livestock, and many others.

Airport in Turkey

Tourism has a significant contribution to a country’s economic growth and development. Many national leaders consider allocating enough money from the national budget intended for improvement in the country’s tourism sector. Hence, The Republic of Turkey made Istanbul Atatürk Airport the best one in the country. 


It’s connected to more than 250 international destinations to more than a hundred countries worldwide, including its 50 available domestic flights. Due to the geographic location of Turkey, it makes every flight accessible to almost everywhere. Hence, tourism will consequently become prosperous and progressive. 

Tourism in the Country

In relation to what was previously mentioned, The Republic of Turkey is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. In fact, it’s the sixth in the list. Based on their data, it received approximately 35 million visitors outside the country last 2013. 


Besides its accessible airlines, tourists visit the country because of its historical and archaeological destination spots, natural beauty, and hotel and tourism infrastructure. Also, the Turks' kindness, cheerfulness, and hospitality are good reasons tourists keep coming back. Hence, the success of tourism significantly boosts the country's economy by putting up more businesses in different industries offering various products and services. 

Hazelnut Exports

Turkey is rich in hazelnut products. It’s hazelnut exports constitute 75% of the total hazelnut export in the world. Most hazelnuts grow in the basin of the Mediterranean. It’s in Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Italy is one of the largest hazelnut producers for approximately 20% of the supply in the world. 

Grand Bazaar

Many people visit the Grand Bazaar and consider it one of the world's oldest and largest markets. It has 54 different streets and a total of 4,000 shops. Also, it receives thousands of visitors every day, both foreign and locals. It’s located at the heart of the city of Istanbul in Turkey. You can find leather products, hand-woven carpets, different local and foreign food spices, and tons of different goods for everyone. 

Tavuk Göğsü

Tavuk Göğsü is a signature dessert in Turkey. It’s a classical food with a combination of sugar, milk, chicken, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Traditionally, the dessert is prepared in Topkapı palace for Ottoman sultans. Also, a medieval French dessert blancmange inspires the creation of Tavuk Göğsü dessert. 


Today, many business owners put up coffee houses and have incorporated this dessert on their menu. Hence, many locals and tourists are continuously enjoying this traditional delicacy on the dining table in Turkey. 

Iztuzu Beach 

Iztuzu Beach has been known as a breeding ground for loggerhead sea turtles in Turkey. Because of this, it’s known by the name Turtle Beach and became a popular tourist spot in the country. These turtles are endangered, and they visit Iztuzu between May and October during mating and laying eggs. 


Since these are engendered turtles, the local government has extended an effort to protect them and the beach by providing restrictions within the area. However, until today, many tourists visit the place following the dos and don’ts provided by the designated local caretakers. Hence, it consequently and significantly boosts tourism in the country. 

Film Industry 

In 2014, the movie Winter Sheep won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It was directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. After the victory of the movie, it paved the way to the revival of the Turkish cinema. The number of films has significantly increased by about 100 films annually, five times more than what it usually produces. Hence, the business in filmmaking has progressed and developed over the years. 


With all of the facts about Turkey that have been discussed above, the country is evidently offering a lot to people locally and internationally. If you haven’t experienced it’s rare beauty yet, you might consider adding it to your list on your next vacation plan. Hence, you'll surely explore and enjoy the land of The Republic of Turkey. 


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