Red, Amber, Green & Blue, includes looped end cap with lanyard. Selections lock into place after 3 seconds of having been left in a particular color range. Never be in a horrible situation again without having a simple light to help you, these are trauma lights and are perfect for taking with you, when your a long trip or for those who love the outside. Hunters, boaters, hikers this is the perfect light for you, in a case of an emergency, these will help you be found.

To turn off the E/T Light simply hold the switch down for 3 seconds. There is no need to scroll through all the selections. In the past the medics would carry four bags with different colored chemical lights to signal different triage conditions, now they can carry one bag which weighs less, takes up less volume and improves their capabilities. The light triage project is associated with the Department of Defenses, “Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative” and the E/T Lights themselves have been reviewed by the Inter Agency Board, which has associated the E/T Lights with two different Standardized Equipment List numbers. Be sure to include us in your next grant application.



This will be great when we go away in May; we will be able to take this with us when we are on the speed boat, in the case of an emergency. What's great about these is they have two apps, and they are in the event of diseaster and you need 911. The Disaster ID app when activated just turns your screen on to the appropriate color (children are red, women are green, men are blue, pets are yellow) and flash pattern (Solid- I’m here but OK, Flashing – I’m here and need help) so you can signal at night or in a dark building.

The f-Ready app takes the visual signaling concept one step further. When you activate the app it not only turns your device screen on to visually signal but it also transmits an email to three lifeline buddies you entered when you first downloaded the app. The email includes a message stating you have activated the app and shows a link to Google maps which shows your general GPS location. Now your lifeline buddies can go look for you in the area and zone in on you looking for the visual signal coming from your screen. The lifeline buddies could share the GPS information with authorities and let them know to look for the illuminated colored screen in the area.

These are great apps and the lights can save your life. What do you feel about these lights?

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