The workout needs to be taken as seriously as any other activity you involve yourself in, and that starts with how you dress. This is not just a matter of dressing comfortably but also so that you can deal with the heat from the exercise and limit the risk of physical injury. You do not want to just look good but also be ready for whatever you will face on the gym floor; choosing your workout suit is just as much a part of your workout as stretching.


This makes whatever you dress in part of your ritual for getting in the proper mindset to exercise; the more comfortable you are the more excited you are to exercise and that helps to encourage you to exercise. That excitement can help you keep exercising for a long time, so you need clothes that make you want to exercise. This makes what you wear an important decision and so you should put some thought into it.

Dressing For Comfort

The first consideration needs to be for comfort. While there are other considerations, such as protection from injury and heat exhaustion, the first one has to be how comfortable they are. Make sure that your clothes are loose, do not constrict, and allow you a full range of motion. You definitely want to avoid tight clothes as they may restrict proper breathing and limit your movement; you need clothes that move with you and let you breathe freely. You also want to make sure that the clothes are not too loose. If the clothes are too loose they are more likely to snag on any sort of protrusion or even actually slow you down. The ideal is something that is form-fitting but still feels loose; this allows you to move and breathe properly while not getting caught on the exercise equipment. Throw in some sort of light jacket or overshirt for chilly days and you will be prepared for anything the gym can throw at you.


The better you feel in the clothes you are wearing the longer you will continue to exercise. Find something that makes you feel comfortable when you exercise. Not everyone feels comfortable in the same colors or even materials so pick what feels good for you; what you feel good in may not be the same things that even your best friends feels comfortable in and that is fine. You need to find what works for you. This is definitely one of those times you need to worry about your needs and no one else's.

Dressing For Safety

Your clothes should also protect you from injury. The best example of this is a sports bra instead of a regular bra; the sports bra allows a woman to exercise without fear of injury because it provides better support for strenuous activity than a regular bra. This is also why sports shoes have more traction and cushion than regular shoes: The traction keeps the athlete from slipping while the cushioning helps prevent injury to the feet. Throw in some knee pads and you should be more than ready for anything your regimen can throw at you. Make sure that you warm up before exercise to further reduce the risk of injury. No matter who the clothes are for getting, men's gym clothes is easy to do. 


Heat exhaustion and stroke can also be fought. Some people wear too many clothes when they exercise and those extra clothes can make it more likely that they will fall from too much heat. It is advised that you wear items you can remove when things get too hot, such as sweatshirts. While you should always hydrate during exercise, sometimes just wearing the right clothes and allowing for increased heat during the session can help reduce the chances of having to call an ambulance.

The Psychological Effects of Clothes

The clothes that you choose also help determine how long you will exercise for: The more comfortable the clothes the more likely you will start to see exercise as something you like to do rather than something you need to do. The idea is that you dress for the job you want to succeed at and the better you dress for the job the better you do at it. Just like when you are dressing for work or play, your clothes can put you in the mood for whatever you are doing. This means that looking for the right clothes is well worth the time spent doing it if you want to keep motivated for the long term.


This is why you need to look at the Onzie line of exercise wear. There are a lot of really great patterns and styles available; it is just a matter of looking for something that you like and that will make you like exercising. Again, what you choose is not important to anyone but you, so put some time in looking for the best possible clothes for the way you envision working out. Find the clothes you want to wear to the gym and you should do fine so have some fun picking them out.

Simple Checklist For Great Workout Clothes

When you are looking for clothes for your workout keep the following in mind:


— Is it comfortable when you wear it?

— Is it too tight in the wrong areas?

— Does it allow a full range of movement?

— Does it provide help in avoiding injuries (additional support or cushion, traction, protect an area)?

— Will increase your personal heat beyond a safe point?

— Can it be used with layering?


If you can remember that when you are looking for workout clothes then the clothes you find will not only give your confidence a boost but you are also more likely to keep you exercising for a long time. If you change things up every so often then you are likely to keep exercising indefinitely. Clothes may sound like a trivial thing but they are likely to keep you interested in exercising for a long time, so looking for the right clothes is an investment well worth the time and money.

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