The Magic Christmas Pinecone

I am in love with the idea of giving a child a wonderful book to read for Christmas. A book, instead of a toy that they will only play with for a few minutes. A story will transport a child into another realm and intrigue their senses for mystical magical wonderlands and far away places.

A book, is an adventure that will give the child a moment to relish in experiences of others and in turn have their own joy filled experiences. I really love story books that have a purpose. One of them being a heart warming story, called “The Magic Christmas Pinecone.”

Miracles are Unforgettable

“The Magic Christmas Pinecone” is written by EL Ferriter Jr. It is a wonderful story filled with a purpose to teach children to believe in the power of Christmas miracles. I enjoyed it very much! The story also represented a young boy to have blind faith that the wind was kind and that Santa was indeed real.
The boy was different but he was kind and he became friends with the wind. At first, he wasn’t sure how to feel about what his Grandfather had told him about the North Wind, but with his own heart and mind, he figured out the meaning of the wind.

North Wind and Santa are Real

The wind was gracious in meeting the boy, and gave him some special privileges such as getting to see far away places through the images created by the wind, and to be told about Santa. Even details about Santa, and where he lived. The boy was also given secrets that he was to be trusted not to share with anyone else.

Amazing Detail

“The Magic Christmas Pinecone” is very heartfelt too, because as the boy grows older he remembers the North Wind and the secrets bestowed to him. He in turn does something wonderful for his own nieces and nephews as he has become a grown man. The ending is a wonderful tale of how the North Wind is generous and supportive. Yet again, giving a special gift to Eddie, the once young friend he had turned into an adult man. Besides such a wonderful story plot filled with lots of amazing tales, the art work in the book is just as amazing.

Beautifully Illustrated

Each page in the story is very beautifully illustrated by Emma J. Wright. Page after page showing what is going on in each plot and what the boy is seeing and feeling. The reader can feel the chill of the North wind, and you can see how beautiful the South Wind really is. She is just as beautiful as her name! Even with Santa’s village, anyone can enjoy the hustle and bustle of it all. You can see how Eddie looked as a boy and how he looks as a grown man. Pinecones have become a special marker in the story and is so nicely drawn in each part of the story.

Great Gift for All Ages

I feel that this book is great for all ages as it is a story that a parent can read to his child and both the reader and the listener can take something away from it. It is very entertaining both in story and imagery. The book is heavy and well constructed. You can tell it is not a cheaply made book and it is definitely a great price for what it gives. This is perfect for Christmas and to be shared with many children. I definitely recommend it.

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