The Math Challenger

“The Math Challenger board game is a newly launched product which is a perfect gift for kids and the entire family. It helps kids 5 years old and above practice basic math operations as well as develop general strategy. With the shift in technology kids as young as 2 years old own tablets with few games that can be played with siblings, friends and also parents. The Math Challenger board game is not only a fun game but its is educational and promotes critical thinking, the goal of the game is to solve basic math operations while using strategy to make it to the finish line. Parents and older family members can play the game with children to help them practice or bush up on their math skills. It can by played as a single or multiple player (up to 6 players).”

The Math Challenger Board Game

The Math Challenger

Me and my grandchildren love this game. We have had so much fun playing it. And it is helping them learn math skills without them realizing it. Because it is designed to help practice and master basic math skills effectively in a simply fun and effective way. A great numeracy games helps with math skills.

The Math Challenger

While it is recommended for children aged 5 yrs and older, you can let the younger ones play and they can get a head start on math. While the game includes game board, game rules card, dice and pawns.

How To Play

The Math Challenger

1. Blue dice represent the first number for the equation, Red dice represent the second number for equation.
2. Players choose a math operation and solve the equation to navigate through the spaces on the game board.
3. Bonus Challenges encourages players for opportunities to solve equations and be rewarded to move again. Play on the board provides                  chances, move ahead, move backward, or miss a turn.

The Math Challenger

A great game to play with your kids or grandkids. Perfect for hanging out together. Learn while enjoying quality time together.–ac

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