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When I think of hanging clothes outside to dry, I always think of going to my grandparents house and seeing all of their laundry hanging in the back yard drying. They had a long clothes line that my grandmother would put all of the laundry on down to their undergarments! She would spend hours out there hanging each piece with clothes pins, only to have to unpin them once they were dry.

I wanted to introduce you to what I like to call a modern day clothes line or ” smart dryer “.

This is super versatile drying rack for your clothes that can be used either indoor or outdoors. You have the option to purchase different sizes as well based on what you may need it for. You can use this indoor in your laundry room, outside on your balcony, on your camper, or by the pool to hang your wet towels! It can practically be placed on any wall type!


What I love about the smart dryer is the fact that it folds up to take up practically no space at all. You can close it up when you are done using it, and then when you are ready to use it again you just pull and stretch it out as far as you need depending on how many clothes you need to dry. There is no need for clothes pins as the clothes just fold right over the stainless steel rods.


It installs very easily and you can do it with only one person! Its made of all stainless steel so its very durable and strong and will last for a very long time! You even have the option of installing it permanently on a wall or you can use the rubber clamps to place it somewhere for temporary use making it easy to move it again if need be. It's also weather proof so there is no need to worry about it messing up if you place it outside.


Nothing bothers me more than buying a new pair of jeans only for them to shrink and become too short for me to wear only after a few times in my dryer. With the smart dryer not only am I saving power by not drying everything in my dryer, I am actually saving my clothes from the wear and tear and change in fit that is caused by drying them.

Clothes lines and clothes pins are a thing of the past! Let your clothes dry naturally and save money with the modern “Smart Dryer”.

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