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The Monster Series Trio

Music and Power is a great combination for the human population. It might not be what you think it is though. I have three great items that would be some wonderful gifts. This Monster product series is pretty awesome and would be great for the holidays. So check out the products below.

Ultrathin Power Card™ Portable Battery From Monster


The Ultrathin Power Card Portable Battery is a very easy and simple product to use. Forget about having those large battery packs for traveling. This bad boy is only a quarter of an inch thick, and can be easily be stored in your wallet or purse. Awesome right? This little guy also has up to 5+ hours of juice to power up any of your devices. So not only does is it conveniently small, but I has to power to keep you going for those long road trips with the family. The best part of all, it comes in a variety of colors for your colorful needs.


Monster® Clarity HD™ High Definition In-Ear Headphones

monster budz

Another one of Monster’s great products, the Clarity HD Definition In-Ear Headphones. Don’t like basic headphones with basic sound? Well, these babies have that premium and nice isolated sound for your musical likes. It comes in a selection of colors to pick from. It’s slick form makes them easy to wear and comfortable for your ears, plus its buds are changeably for the fit the needs of you. Somebody calls you while jamming, not a problem, its hands-free control makes taking calls a lot easier. Plus if you run into a track you don’t wanna hear, its control makes it easier to skip tracks just as well.


NCredible Monster® N-Tune™ On-Ear Headphones



The NCredible Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphones would definitely be a great gift for the holidays. Theses beauties come in a new variety of nice and bright colors.  They have great depth and clarity while at the same time the bass is nice and crisp. Its nice design and form make it comfortable on your ears, even your neck if you prefer to wear them like that. Now here is the best part, “these bad boys have great noise isolation”.So you won’t be bothered by the rowdy people that surround you. It comes with a carrying bag and also a cleaning cloth, and the in-line controls make it easy on both calls and skipping those random tracks. Grabbing these for the kids to have and jam to, would be an awesome gift.

“Grabbing these for the kids to have and jam to, would be an awesome gift. If you get two, you can take advantage of the MusicShare feature that lets you connect up to 5 of them together so the kids can jam to the same song or watch a movie in the backseat with no problems.

Monster is a great company that makes the amazing product. This wouldn’t be a bad trio of gifts to grab for the kids or even your loved ones. Especially if they love listening to music, better yet, listening to music while one the road with family. Check these out, make someone happy for the holidays.    





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