These Are The Most Mouthwatering Cookies I've Ever Tasted!  They're Huge And Amazing!

If you're thinking “how can a cookie taste that good?”.  I mean, they're all kind of made the same, am I right?  Well, I have no idea what this company does to them, but what I do know is that they're humongous and mouthwatering!  So what is this inventive company?  Their name is Chip City Cookies and they're located in New York, hence the word “city”.  They send the cookie dough all shaped and ready for the oven.  That's all you have to do!  My son baked all of the wonderful cookies they sent me and he did amazing.  Although, these cookies are hard to screw up.  They're perfect just the way they are!  Imagine what an amazing gift this would make for any loved one.

The Mouthwatering Cookies They Sent Me

I was blown away by the number of cookies (dough) they sent to me!  I received the Variety Baking Bundle and the Chocolate Lovers Bundle.  The Variety Baking Bundle includes Chocolate Chip, Funfetti, Triple Chocolate (my favorite), Cookies N' Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Oatmeal Apple Pie.  Can you believe those flavors?  The taste of these cookies after they've been baked is so succulent!  No kidding, they're soft, and as you pull them apart the amazing goodies inside drip down your fingers and you have to suck the yummy bits off.  At first glance, I thought my son had done something wrong because the cookies were so huge.  Thankfully, they're simply made that way!

I bet you can't just eat one, even though they're gigantic.  Hey, it's the holidays, so why not just say “what the heck”.  Oh, and old St. Nicholas would probably love to eat one of these on Christmas Eve night.  Don't forget the milk!

I had to tell you what is in the Chocolate Lovers Bundle too, just in case you decided you wanted it for Christmas.  The amazing flavors are Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Nutella Sea Salt, S'mores, and White Chocolate Macadamia.  What was my favorite flavor from this bundle?  I guess I'd have to say the S'mores, but it's so hard to only pick one.  They're all so delectable.

So, not only does Chip City Cookies offer the bundles that I've described, but they have so many others, plus you can make your own.  Please go and check them out by clicking on the links I've provided.  They have catering and check out this Winter Wonderland Variety Bundle.  This is a package that you will never forget.  They do the hard part so you simply have to slide them into the oven.  It's as easy as pie but tastes as good as a cookie!

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