The Most Unforgettable Wildlife Experiences

Exploring the wildlife native to whichever country you are visiting will help you establish a deeper connection with nature and your surroundings. 

Nothing puts you in your place as much as sitting in a boat on the ocean while a 25m long blue whale passes by. Getting close to an animal – close enough to feel the droplets of water as its tail hits the water, feel its breath on your face, or close enough to stroke its fur- will always be a truly extraordinary experience. 


Whether you're traveling for a specific wildlife experience or find that you have a day or two to spare, planning a wildlife experience is the best way to get to know the country you are visiting and forget all your worries in life. 


Any one-to-one animal experience will steal your full attention and ground you completely. Make sure you've added these wildlife experiences to your list! 


Visit The Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenya.


The Maasai Mara's world-famous rolling plains must be seen to be believed. It's possible to book a game drive to make the most of the Big Five. 


Think about a picnic basket lunch on safari, a visit to a Maasai community, and dinner under the stars must be the highlight of your visit. 


Elewana Sand River is a remote and gorgeous 16-room camp situated on the banks of the Sand River within the Maasai Mara Reserve, which is home to a large number of big cats. 


If cats are not your thing, how about gorillas in Uganda?


Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda


Observing gorillas is widely regarded as one of the most life-changing animal encounters. Face-to-face encounters with wild gorillas are on many people's bucket lists. 


It's easy to see why gorilla tracking is such a great experience, whether it's because of their imposing size yet delicate grace or because they act so much like us; interacting and observing these marvellous creatures will be an experience you'll never forget.  


Whether you wish to encounter mountain gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Rwanda's Virunga Mountains, we'd highly recommend that you add this adventure to the list. 


If Africa is too hot, how about the frozen continent, Antarctica?




With its vast, frozen continent, Antarctica is one of the world's few true wildernesses. Antarctica is unlike any other region on the earth. It is officially uninhabited, and no one owns it. Various penguin species, seal colonies, whales, and albatrosses are among the wildlife that can be found in this frozen dessert. There's always time to  book your Antarctica cruise here, and see all the beautiful scenery and animals 

Grizzly Bears In the Rockies


Brown bears, of which grizzly bears are a subspecies, are one of the world's eight remaining bear species. Many bear species, such as the sloth bear, are endangered or fragile, but brown bears aren't one of them, so finding one shouldn't be too tricky!


It can be awe-inspiring to see such a large and powerful creature up close, and if you go to the right area at the appropriate time of year, you might even see some playful bear cubs.


The Big Five Safari in Africa


A safari in Africa is one of the most diverse animal encounters available. Choose between a classic East African jeep safari and a self-drive trip in South Africa and Namibia to follow the Great Migration across the savannah.


In Botswana and Zambia, the brave can even get out of their vehicles and go on a Big Five bush walk with an expert guide or pole a dugout canoe through the Okavango Delta. The Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and black rhino) take center stage, but other animals like hippos, hyenas, and zebras can be equally exciting to watch.


Polar Bears in the Arctic


Polar bears are an iconic creature that represents climate change and puts a cute face on the dreaded issue of global warming. With concerns about the polar bear's conservation status, it's more crucial than ever to plan a responsible bear-watching vacation.


That's why making sure that the polar bear spotting holiday you choose passes all of the requirements, so you can rest assured that your trip will be planned with as little influence on the environment as possible, helping to preserve these beautiful animals.

Whale Watching


It takes your breath away to watch a massive whale breach the ocean's surface and sink into the depths with a splash. Whale watching is becoming a more popular hobby, with boat cruises available anywhere whales may be found.


Choose from destinations all over the world to take part in this exciting adventure. From Iceland to Norway, Newfoundland to Italy, and South Africa to Alaska, Australia whale watching is a commonly enjoyed excursion. It will leave you with plenty of magnificent images of these incredible animals.


Watching Orangutans in Borneo


Travellers' bucket lists frequently include seeing orangutans in the wild, and with good reason. Observing orangutans may be a wonderful experience.


The habitat of this species has been reduced to a minuscule fraction of what it once was due to widespread deforestation, making room for palm oil plantations, and it is now classed as endangered. As a result, ensuring that ethical tourism contributes to their conservation is more crucial than ever. 


Booking yourself into a wildlife experience will expose you to a different side of nature and make your trip one that you won't forget any time soon. Every part of the world has its unique piece of nature just waiting for you to explore and appreciate; get out there!


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