Meet the new nut in the family, theBrzl. Named and designed after the mightiest nut of them all, the Brazilian nut. Our fans wanted something easier to roll larger muscles groups with, while retaining the same benefits of thePnut – healing, long lasting and versatile. Each Brzl is made in three (3) timbers: Black Walnut (pictured), Sugar Maple and Winter Ash, and is handcrafted in Canada.

We're happy to bring you thePnut after a year of self-experimenting. The unique shape delivers a new, self-directed approach to knot cracking and mobilizing your muscles. All through the tested art of acupressure. thePnut is indestructible, portable and 100% effective. Hold it in your hands to get those spots no one else can get. Lay on it to relax your sore muscles. Or go deep with trigger point therapy, also known as, it hurts so good! Each Pnut is handcrafted in Canada.


I am jealous because no one has used these massagers on me yet. I have used them on my youngest son and my husband. They absolutely love both sizes. Both of my men like having their backs rubbed and scratched. If they were dogs they hind legs would be twitching like crazy. I have to use these on them almost every night. As they are usually so tense and tight. It actually helps my youngest to sleep better after using the smaller massager. I am not a medical doctor or anything I am just commenting on what helps my family. My  youngest has asthma and allergies so this just seems to loosen him up and keep him from being so tense and seems to calm him down. I don't mind a few minutes of rubbing his back if it means a restful and full nights sleep. Although, after using it on both of them I need it for me. I like to use the smaller one on my arms where they ache from using this massager.

Go to the website and look at the different colors and keep up to date on social media.

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