The Only Mirror You Need

Who doesn't love a good make-up mirror, I know for me being able to see while doing my makeup is the key to making my day perfect.  The yellow and white lights give a nice variety, I love that your ability to use either and still have a great view of what you are doing.


The mirror is surrounded by lights. You control the brightness of the lights by the control on the bottom of the mirror itself.  You have the choice to hang it or leave it standing, mine is standing on the dresser and it looks great. Another awesome thing is your ability to magnified the mirror 5 to 10 times, which you can use with your lighted vanity.  Makes me putting my makeup on so perfect.

This mirror is very attractive, it allows you to move it to anywhere you want that you would consider a not so, well-lit place and this will give you enough light to make your self look and feel great.

Find it easy to use the power and brightness sensors are right on the front of the mirror, and the mirror seems to be smudge-proof to me is a great thing, Everything is simple with this mirror, and there are instructions to use it. I found it all to be easy and I love it.

Everyone in the house loves to use it, and we are all pleased with it. There are different lighting for all your makeup activities from putting on, taking it off, tweezing and so much more. Using this mirror has made my everyday makeup application so much more fun.

WITH the USB charger built into the side of the frame, I was able to charge my phone as it was playing my music on Bluetooth it works great for when I need to charge my phone while I was putting on my makeup.

To get your own mirror you can go here.


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