The Chef in this house is my sister, she loves to whip up some different stuff for us all to try and see if we would like it or not. Been looking for something different for her we have insta pots and this jumped at me, the Sousv Pot, Sous vide and sear using the same device. No heavy pans or fiery torches to deal with.

Top mounted high precision temperature probe automatically drops down in sous vide mode to take the water temperature directly and accurately. Bottom wide band temperature probe controls cooking over a wide range of temperatures. Dual Accutemp Technology works in tandem to improve all cooking modes.


Sous vide allows you to easily cook meats to the perfect level of doneness every time. No more guessing if the middle is perfect. Get the perfect texture and tenderness all the time. Preserve juices, flavors, and nutrients. Built-in cooking programs will automatically lower temperatures to keep foods warm and avoid overcooking.

Better choice than other sous vide machines, SOUS°V pot can be used everyday in a variety of ways. Saute, cook rice, steam, boil, or make yogurt for endless meal options. With all the control option on front panel, easy to set the cooking temperature, cooking time and delay option that your meal will be done when you want it and how you want it

I like that this unit has very little setup and that I can even push out most of the air in the Ziploc bags right in the container while I am filling it with water. After it is done cooking sous vide, I just dump out the water and then set it to saute high and let it preheat for the final sear. The pot has a really nice non stick coating on it and makes clean up easy. The tall sides of the pot means any oils are not splattering onto my stove, and as a bonus it seems to sear the sides of the steak at the same time.

Perfect for those in a rush and want to cook something faster than in the oven or stove, I love that we are able to do so much in this pot, cant wait to see what shes deciding to make next.


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