We have always wanted a projector and not being able to afford one, the thing is we wanted it to be small enough to take with us places and thats what I found in the Prima Projector, small enough to take with me any place.

  • Portable, slim and light as an iPhone 8 Plus!
  • Powerful 1080p resolution, watch your movies in HD quality.
  • Screen projection of up to 200 inches.
  • 200 lumens of brightness, bright enough to lighten up the whole room.
  • Built in Android software so you can easily stream anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy screen sharing and hot spot for seamless entertainment.

Prima is great for teaching, school/work presentations, occasional movie nights, showing your photos to family or friends, gaming, and much more. All you need is a flat surface and you're ready to go!

Turn any moment into the ultimate multimedia experience. Prima Projector gives you seamless, theater-like performance from the comfort of your own home. Prima projects up to 200 inches of screen diagonally, have your own personal movie experience anytime, anywhere.

Automatic keystone angle correction does all the work so you don’t have to. Sit back and enjoy a perfect image no matter where you are.  Easy to use and set up, no hassle what so ever.

Cast content from your phone, computer, tablet and more via WiFi and Bluetooth. Prima is universally compatible with all devices and operating systems. Prima is your complete home entertainment system. Toggle between apps and media seamlessly using intuitive touchscreen controls, or use the remote control from up to 30 feet away. Set up your home entertainment in minutes.

Prima has multiple ports and easily connects to your devices. The lens is protected with a sliding door to make sure it stays safe on the go. Connect to anything via Bluetooth. You can also plug your headphones in for solo enjoyment. No WiFi? Make Prima Projector your mobile hotspot for your other devices.

It doesn't take up much space in my bag, it is really light. We might have to use its accompanying tripod so it is not so unstable. Also as with other projectors, you need to connect to an external speaker because the sound isn't loud enough for a bigger room.


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