When we moved from Jersey to South Carolina, we misplaced our wedding bands and still haven't ever found them, I been looking for something simple for Ray to wear, he does so much around the house and outside that he wouldn't want anything fancy, Thats where Manly Bands comes in, they have a great selection of rings and I chose the Best Man, its a simple ring and he's happy with it.



The Best Man is a silicone ring, that's perfect for the man that does everything, never have to worry about them losing it and ruining it. This fit him, and he's loving it. Your metal ring has been by your side, in good times and in bad – but sometimes you just need something a little…different. Meet your Best Man – the one that's gonna stick with you through thick and thin. He's manly enough for the gym, the pool, and even that weekend rock crawling

It’s simple and practical for the workforce and for exercise. Without the worry of them losing it, or worse. The price is right and it comes in three different colors, there are so many great rings to choose from.  Not as much worry about washing your hands, working, cooking or cleaning, or losing it since it’s not expensive.


It's lightweight, stylish, and perfect for any occasion where you might not want to wear your typical ring, or if you have lost your ring as we did. I love how it looks on his finger.


Manly. Very Manly. You are two parts smooth, three parts smart, with a healthy dash of Teflon thrown in for fun. You will never go out of style. So get yourself a ring that stirs your spirit, and leaves the others shaken.


Some guys find it difficult to move from one arena of greatness to the next, but not you. Others can command the battlefield one day AND run the office the next (even if it happens to be shaped like an oval.) So if that sounds like you, snag the ring that screams “I Like Ike!”

No matter what ring you choose, they are sure to love it and cherish it. Head on over and see the rings yourself.


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