The Perfect Bags For Raising A Baby!

The Perfect Bags For Raising A Baby!

Some of my friends jokingly call me the “bag lady”. I have always been the type of person to carry around multiple bags with me wherever I go! On a typical day to work I normally have my purse, my everyday bag and a lunch bag. When I found out I was becoming a mother for the first time, I knew I would need multiple bags to store and carry around all of the items that come along with a new baby!

Thirty-One is a brand that has been very popular on the radar for some years now! I have owned a ton of their bags in the past and I still use them to this day after years of wear and tear! They are not only super useful they are very durable and stand up well to everyday elements.

With popularity comes production! Thirty-One now makes an array of bags that are perfect for bring up a baby! They have diaper bags, Utility totes, Stroller cargo thermal bags, and even bottle thermal bags.  All of these come in lots of different patterns, colors and of course you can customize them with any name, initials or designs!

We are proud owners of the Take the Day Diaper Bag! This we use as our main diaper bag! It is large enough to hold everything you will need for your baby and it even has a section that is insulated for items you need to keep cool! We also have the Mult-Bottle Thermal that is embroidered with our daughters name. This will help when we take her to daycare by having a place to keep her bottles cold and not getting them confused with other children.

My favorite bag that I use for multi purposes is the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote! I actually have this one from years ago that I still use everyday for my personal items but It does not have the zipper. I love the zip-top design because this weeks everything in the bag if you happen to have a tip over in the car.

Diaper Bag

I keep all essentials for the baby in this bag so I will always be prepared! Something I always have on hand is the line of Baby Magic products! Baby Magic makes wonderful products for your child and they have an extensive line of different scents! I love to keep the lotions, body washes and especially the No-Rinse Wash on hand because you never know when you will need a quick clean up!

Baby Magic

The Calming line is made with lavender and chamomile and this can really help sooth a fussy child, especially if you use the baby bath followed by the calming baby lotion.

The Thirty-One Utility tote has a total of 7 pockets that surround the bag. Not only are these great for carrying around all of my baby magic products, but I also have room for a bottle and even a drink for myself!

I will continue to carry on my name of “bag lady” and in style! I know these bags will help me to raise my child over the years, and help me to be prepared for whatever we may need! Baby Magic will be a product that we will continue to enjoy and use for years to come!

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