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The Perfect Blanket

When it comes to some things, I like a blanket that won't make me so hot, I have been searching for one and I think I have finally found it. The  Snug Stitch Comforter is the one I have decided on,.


Love the close-knit stitch design that provides the perfect, almost-blank canvas. Snug and fluffy on top with cool, flat sheet vibes underneath (ie minimal underside stitching for a 100% smooth feel). 

We have been using it for the last week and all I can say is it's so good Brings a new design to our line of ethereally soft comforters. You're not going to be hot and sweaty, this brings you a cooler feeling.

This all-in-one bed cover replaces your duvet, duvet cover, and top sheet. Beautiful inside and out, with a filling made entirely of recycled plastic to help clean up our oceans. And the blanket is so soft I love it. If you are like me you want something soft and smooth, and this is the blanket for you. Not only do you have the softness on the outside you have the smoothness of the sheet on the inside, you have both worlds in one item.

Our Butter Modal Robe ($115) is breezy and comfortable, perfect for sunshine-y mornings. It’s the perfect piece of loungewear to spend the day at home and the flattering fit gives the put-together look without sacrificing comfort. Our new throws– Rio Tinto and Burano ($140.00)– bring sunshine to your sanctuary with a splash of Mediterranean color and butter-soft fabrics. They're fluffy, yet breathable, and oversized for coziness to embrace those crisp summer nights.

These are also things they have and all the products are great, The blankets inside filling are made from recycled plastic that's so amazing, and honestly, you wouldn't know that because it doesn't feel like it.

Nothing beats an upgraded classic. All the cozy familiarity of your comfiest bed covers with a revolutionary reversible design, The smooth sheet feels and the crazy comfy soft cozy top, really couldn't have made it better in my dreams. I have never slept better and have already bought a second one!

For your blanket needs head over and see why I love this blanket Website

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