Are You Looking For The Perfect Gift For Your Gamer? Please Read On To See Something You Never Would've Thought Of

My son has been a gamer since the day he could use the computer.  No kidding, that was 3 years old for him.  He played this Snoopy game on our old, tank of a computer, but he loved it!  He could even start it up on his own.  Then we slowly acquired the game consoles that took all of his time.  Fast forward to today and he's still a gamer at heart.  He still plays, though it's not quite as often as it used to be.  However, he got me involved too.  I play once in a while and I love it as my escape.  Anyway, so what do you get the gamer that has everything?

Well, I had the pleasure of being sent an eXtremeRate Xbox LED Light Board & Tool Kit and Soft Touch Shadow Red Replacement Front Shell for the Xbox One controller.  The price for these kits are amazingly low, but I do have to tell you that it does take some know-how.  We had to look up the video in order to get it together.  It was all worth it though!  My son was quite happy with the final product and he still talks about how soft the shell is.

Definitely A Gamer Gift

If you look at the eXtremeRate website, you'll see that it's all for gamers.  I had no idea what some of it was, but my son explained quite a few of the items.  They seriously have everything you could imagine and then some.  There's something for everyone on your holiday list!  If you're still looking for something unique, please check them out.  As I said earlier, it was well worth the hard work.  Usually, as long as I have a video to watch, I can figure anything out. A gaming desk would be a perfect gift for a gamer.

Once we were done with putting it all together, my son couldn't stop talking about how bright and vibrant the LED lights were.  He also is in love with the softness and feel of the new controller shell.  No kidding, he still tells me about it when we are talking on the phone.  He's always saying “thank you, Mom”.  I'm just glad I could give him something he didn't have!

If you're still looking, please click on any of the links in this post.  I wish you Happy Holidays and please stay safe!

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