The holiday is right around the corner, and what is the big gift the kids ask for? These kids are asking for hoover boards and the one i trust is Swagboard, they have a number of different boards and there's something all of them.

The SWAGBOARD TWISTRemix  is perfect for them all to use, and what's so awesome is it has lighted up wheels, something I haven't seen on a hoover board before. Perfect for their bigger gift this year. Light up. Show off. Ride on. The 6.5-inch LED wheels light up to show the world your style

Always in balance — learn proper balance and riding technique faster, thanks to smart auto-balancing tech that automatically balances the electric scooter for kids upright as soon as it’s powered on. Enhanced system safeguards — the Ul-compliant lithium-free battery efficiently handles power, able to fully charge up the Swag board twist remix electric hoverboard in just 4-5 hours.

They spared no expense to bring you a hoverboard that looks good and rides even better. Built with longevity in mind, the Swagboard Twist Remix features maintenance-free 6.5-inch rubber tires that will never go flat, no matter how rough the ride is.

A dynamic pair of 250-watt motors provide thrilling acceleration, up to 7 mph. The high-torque motors easily conquer steep 30-degree hills. Hop on the non-slip footpads and take a cruise through local parks, coast along the pier or just go on a magnificent joyride. The Swagboard Twist Remix was made for you to ride longer, adventure harder and explore more.

Everything about the Twist Remix is designed to enhance the adventure. Movement indicators tells pedestrians around you that you’re turning left, right or coming to a stop. Built-in indicators let you keep track of battery life and system diagnostics. And if the sun calls it quits before you do, the LED headlights will light your way back home.

This is the perfect gift and I can't wait for the kids to get it, and try it out.



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