The Perfect Items for Your Outdoor Wedding

The Perfect Items for Your Outdoor Wedding

Are you looking for something less traditional and more memorable for your wedding? You may have decided on a destination wedding with beautiful scenic backdrops, or having a nice ocean-view, outdoor ceremony. Ensure you and your guests have fun and make lasting memories with the perfect items for your outdoor wedding.

Prepare for the Worst

Having an outdoor wedding can leave you vulnerable to the elements. Since you are typically planning your special day months in advance, it’s hard to predict what the weather will precisely look like when the big day arrives. If you know there might be a chance of rain in the days leading up to the wedding, you might want to dip into the budget and have some umbrellas handy for everyone as they walk around. You may wish for a more spacious feel for the wedding but having tents ready and available to set up earlier in the day can also prevent an absolute disaster. Just be sure to have them weighed down in case of heavy wind.

Stay Hydrated

A day of partying can be draining on the body. Your guests are going to need to cool down and recharge throughout the day. Even more importantly, you’re going to want to make sure guests are hydrated before they start to hit the bar. Stock water stations throughout the event so guests can easily grab some cold water.

Keep Things Clean

While you want to make sure everyone is having a good time, you also want to make sure your guests are safe and healthy. One thing this past year has taught us is the importance of proper sanitation. That is why you should consider having handwashing stations present throughout the event so guests can keep their hands clean and sanitized.

Block Out the Sun

The last thing you want is for your guests or yourself to wake up the next day with horrible sunburns. If you are holding your wedding during the day, especially during the summer, the sun can be incredibly oppressive as it shines down on your skin. If you can, try to have tents that provide shade over any areas where guests will converge. However, it may be impossible to cover everything up, so you should also have sunscreen available for your guests to offer additional UV protection.

Keep Cool, Stay Warm

Depending on your location, temperatures can be all over the map. You don’t want your guests shivering in the cold or burning up from the heat. If your wedding is in the summer or in a sweltering climate, you should consider investing in high-velocity fans. Try to find ones that make as little noise as possible; it’ll be like you brought the AC outside. If you’re expecting cooler temperatures or going deep into the night, you should consider adding heat lamps wherever guests will be sitting or hanging out.

With just a little preparation, you can ensure everyone leaves your big event talking about what a memorable experience it was. Hopefully this list will help when planning an outdoor wedding.

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