When it comes to getting things for stockings, what do you look for? For me, it's all things that can be used, besides candy and all of that. This year I got things, that can be used with gifts or just because.

ICloth Avionics

These are the perfect cloths, to clean smudges and fingerprints from screens on phones and computers. one-step anti-static screen wipes easily remove residue, smears, dirt, fingerprints, grease, grime and gunk from all hand-held tech device displays, smart home interfaces, and touchscreen surfaces.


Now that we have taken care of the electronics, and keeping them nice and clean. We need to make sure that any new shoes are kept that way.

Boot Rescue,

Clean and wipe out ugly and damaging salt stains from all your beloved boots, with BootRescue Wipes.

The all-natural formula whisks away those ugly salt stains and grime, keeping boots looking their best. And you can use them on anything – leather, fabric and even the most delicate of suede of nubuck

Shoe Rescue

Get rid of dirt, mud and other surface stains from all your favorite leather and suede shoes, with ShoeRescue Wipes.

With a quick wipe, their all-natural formula works on anything – from footwear to other leather and suede items, like handbags or jackets, leaving them clean and looking like new.

Everything you need to keep sneakers, sandals and more nice and clean and looking perfect. Makes the perfect stocking stuffer.



This year I wanted to make sure to add something different to all stockings, not just the candy and other things we put in them. One of my nephews wanted lights for his room, and I was looking through all different websites and found the perfect ones.  Power Practical has some interesting lights, wrap them around your TV or bedroom making, your personal space yours.

 Choose from 15 colors including true white (6500K), warm white and cool white, plus 10 dimmer options to make your viewing experience exactly how you want it.



For the ladies in your family, nothing says love like some beauty products to keep them looking young. C2 California Clean has everything they need, to stay looking perfect. The SKIN TRANSFORMATION KIT is the perfect way to start adding these products into your daily beauty routine.

This kit contains a complete regimen of our 4 hero products to prepare, treat, moisturize and finish for ultimate hydration and suppleness:


CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our CBD infused cookies are absolutely delicious. With many flavors to choose from, these cookies are a must have. Each container has 200mg of pure CBD.


Our CBD Gummies are available in 20 count, containing 300mg of CBD per bottle. They are perfect for those who want the benefits of CBD but do not enjoy the taste of oils and tinctures. They come in distinct and delicious flavor. Our ingredients are simple, natural, and will leave you fully satisfied.





Are you like me and have the dryest lips, no matter what I use they are always dry. I have been on the search for something new to use as lipstick and something that will keep my lips soft and smooth. Legend Age Lipstick is what I have been using and its perfect.

But why this and not something else, I will tell you why, these are all natural lipsticks that are enriched with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to give your lips soft, super-shiny and a unique natural color depending on the pH value of each individual’s skin.

Replace your current lipstick with an all natural ingredient lipstick and notice the color of your lips change without any makeup. Go for a healthier lip with no chemicals! Ladies can also apply it to their faces as rouge or to their private part to heal dryness and discoloration.




These expertly blended essential oils are the next big thing in natural fragrance.


Life is exciting and challenging. Be more of what you want to be. Feel more of what you want to feel.


ADORAtherapy Mood Boosts™ lets you try on many personas and explore your unique qualities. Transform your Mood in the moment by setting your intention through breath and connection to the limbic system. Anchor new thoughts and see your moods transform you and your life.


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