The port of Marmaris is one of the most popular resorts in the Aegean Riviera


Once a small fishing town on the shores of the Aegean Sea, Marmaris is still an impressive and delightful port for sailing enthusiasts. Although the number of inhabitants is still small, during the tourist season this resort experiences a real siege. Nowadays, it is a typical resort oriented towards visitors, mostly from Europe – it is easy to find restaurants serving European cuisine or English-speaking staff. Only some areas still retain their traditional Turkish character.

Things to do in Marmaris

There are many hotels in Marmaris that offer entertainment for tourists of all ages. People who come to this Turkish resort and crave for nightlife will surely be delighted by the impressive promenade with numerous bars and discos open all night. It is worth knowing that in Marmaris itself there is one of the oldest entertainment streets, which is visited in large numbers after dark.

Those who come to Turkey for souvenirs and a piece of history can start with the shopping district, where you can buy a jar of local pine honey, which is considered a specialty of the region. In terms of history, Marmaris deserves a look at the historic 10th century B.C. castle used by Suleiman the Magnificent, which was once an important strategic base in naval warfare and is now a museum.

Water activities

Lovers of outdoor activities have plenty to choose from. Although Marmaris itself does not have beautiful, stunning beaches, the neighboring towns offer clean sand and azure water, perfect for a beach vacation. Due to the transparency of the sea, courses and guided diving tours are organized here. Those who appreciate sailing can go on a cruise along the coast on one of the prepared ships or rent their own sailboat for a few days.

Other activities in Marmaris

There are many day excursions from Marmaris, Turkey, including to nearby Rhodes, to Mouglou, famous for its huge market, or to Fethiye, the city with the ancient rock tombs. The youngest tourists who crave water fun in the ready-made amusement parks should look out for one of the several water parks located in Marmaris, including perhaps the most popular Atlantis Waterpark with a beautiful view of the sea. The rides it offers make it possible to spend the whole day with family and friends, as there is also a place to eat or buy drinks together. In short – in Marmaris Turkey will give entertainment and memories to every tourist who seeks an interesting adventure in this part of the Aegean Sea.

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