The Power of Affirmations 3

I am a natural born skeptic. Always the “yeah, but” person or the “I’m just being realistic” one. Due to a lot of difficult situations in my life, my thought pattern had begun to take a downward spiral. A few months ago, I had to check myself. Was I being a realist as I would often describe myself or a Negative Nelly? After researching the Law of Attraction and the benefits of daily affirmations, I decided to give it a try. You would say these affirmations aloud or in your brain numerous times a day to yourself until it became ingrained in your belief system.

I can honestly say that reciting positive affirmations daily has changed my life for the better. After over a month of daily morning affirmations, I rarely have negative thoughts anymore. The affirmations work so well that I actually forgot about the negative thought patterns that I had. It takes a bit of getting used to as transitioning into new behavior often does, but I would say it is well worth the change. Mark Kamp is a rock star speaker showcasing motivational wisdom from rock n roll artists in a live event.

Spice Up Your Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be anything you think or say in a positive manner to help you manifest your desires. They have become very popular as people increasingly practice methods of meditation, relaxation, and self-care. As discussed by motivational speakers and spiritualists, affirmations hold the power to retrain the way we think and speak while changing our lives as we create good experiences out of these positive patterns. Suddenly, opportunities will begin to open-up that you never knew existed and new beginnings arrive.

The Power of Affirmations 2

26 and Co., a positive apparel and home décor company offers these great glass mugs adorned with positive sayings and affirmations. I love these mugs because they provide an additional way to add positivity into your life. Great as a gift this Valentine’s Day to promote self-love and self-care, these 26 and Co. glass mugs will empower and encourage the grumpiest of co-workers or loved ones with their encouraging messages of love and confidence. With 17 affirmations to choose from, you can stay on your grind and at your mental best every day.

The Power of Affirmations 1

With the help of these mugs, the power of positive thinking will help you beat depressive thoughts, low self-esteem, anxiety, and more. Choose positive statements to repeat daily that reflect what you would like to manifest, make sure to stick with it every day, and you will begin to see the results in your life. The people around you will notice its effects too as your positive energy may begin to rub off on them. The power of a positive mentality will eventually help you with relationships, business, career, love – you name it! Give them a chance and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

The Power of Affirmations 3

Material: Clear Glass
Size: 11 Fluid oz. / Retail Price: $18.97

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