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The Prettiest Wooden Coaster I’ve Ever Seen

The Prettiest Wooden Coaster I've Ever Seen-World Craft Coaster Made Of Juniper


I cook and bake, like, a lot! Having plenty of quality hot pads and trivets around is a necessity. I like to crochet them sometimes using 100% cotton yarn, which allows me to choose styles, colors, and personalize them any way I like. But, I am always on the lookout while shopping for pretty ones to buy, too.

Wooden Craft has some really beautiful, environmentally-friendly products like this wooden coaster made of Juniper. It is well-made and perfect for protecting surfaces like kitchen counters and tables from damage that can be caused by hot pans, serving dishes, and tea pots.

Wooden Craft Wooden Coaster Made of Juniper

The coaster (which is really big enough to be called a trivet) is the perfect size for a larger size sauce pan. It’s 19 inches in diameter and thick enough that it can even accommodate larger pans and casseroles and still keep them up off of counter and table surfaces. Shown here is a medium size saucepan with two cans of chicken noodle soup.

We’ve all been passing around some sickness in our house lately. Comes with the change to winter weather, I guess. So soup with grilled cheese sandwiches was on the menu one evening recently. I like chicken noodle, but I was in the mood for tomato soup so I made a small pan of that for myself.

Wooden Craft Wooden Coaster Made of Juniper

I think it’s really beautiful how Wooden Craft used a plywood base and then added multiple slices of different kinds of wood on top to design the trivet. It gives it a really interesting visual aesthetic. It’s definitely different and much more unique than most hot pads and trivets that can be found in home goods departments of most stores I’ve shopped. Their products are also environmentally-friendly, which I appreciate.

Wooden Craft Wooden Coaster Made of Juniper

Just look at all the different sizes and types of wood. I think it’s just so pretty! Of course, it requires some care to maintain. It’s hand wash only, so don’t even try to stick this beauty in the dishwasher. Also, don’t soak it in your sink. I’d strive to only wipe it with a wet washcloth to prevent it getting any wetter than necessary to remove any splatters.

It’s also recommended to avoid storing this item in direct sunlight. That makes sense. Sunlight fades items that are exposed to it for long periods of time. However, I think it’s too pretty to stick in the kitchen drawer with my other hot pads. I’m thinking about getting one of those decorative plate racks that sit on a shelf, or something. That way I could store it on the counter along an interior wall to protect it from excessive sun exposure but still have it sitting out to add to the decor of the kitchen space.

Wooden Craft Wooden Coaster Made of Juniper

You can also use it while eating to protect surfaces. I used it while eating my soup and grilled cheese and playing around on the internet.

Another use I can think of is to sit a small potted plant on. Or maybe a vase of flowers. Or maybe to display a pretty jewelry holder. Really the uses are pretty endless and limited mostly by one’s imagination. I have also used it to hold a hot tea pot while l was looking through a book I bought my niece as a gift.

Wooden Craft Wooden Coaster Made of Juniper

Wooden Craft offers other items, too, such as professional and/or handcrafted cutting boards, plates, serving utensils, and handmade furniture.

Website Screenshot - Wooden Craft Wood Coaster 22cm

Image Source: Wooden Craft

This coaster that I found on their company website is absolutely stunning! It’s different kinds of wood fastened together with fishing line.

Website Screenshot-Wooden Craft Two Section Wooden Plate

Image Credit: Wooden Craft

I really love this two-section wooden plate. I could see it with appetizers like maybe black olives and green olives or cheese and crackers displayed for a party.

How would you use this beautiful coaster in your home?


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