Don’t Judge A Lizard By His Scales by Dang Dugi and Bli Marston Dugi was a book that taught a good lesson about bullying and prejudging others. Bli the Fly and Danny the Wizard Lizard want to be friends and hang out with each other. But Bli the Fly is worried that her mother won’t let that happen because lizards love to eat flies. Danny the Wizard Lizard tells Bli the Fly he’s not like other lizards and would never eat a fly. They figure out a plan to go to the movies with Bli the Fly’s mother so that her mother can see that Danny the Wizard Lizard is a good guy and would never hurt them. Problems arise as they reach the theater and Danny the Wizard Lizard is a super-hero who saves the day. By the end of the story Bli the Fly’s mother realizes that Danny the Wizard Lizard is not like other lizards and is happy to let her daughter be friends with him.

The main characters are Bli the fly and Danny the wizard lizard. They want to be friends and unlikely friends they would normally be. However they do form a friendship and help to squelch an incident of bullying by the Lousy Lizard Gang. Danny takes steps to stop them in spite of being alone in his efforts. In this lesson everyone watching learns that bullying can be stopped. With all the bullying that is occurring in our schools and community, this book is perfect to read to our children whether it is done at home or at school. I believe this book would be useful in a discussion with children about how to stop those who bully or what to do themselves when they are in a situation of being the brunt of a bully.

Cute book shows that not all people are who and what they seem to be. In the end they all begin to be friends. This book shows that there are bullys and how sooner or later they can be friends.

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