Air conditioning is often an incredibly welcomed option to provide relief from the heat. They are used the world over, in homes, cars and working environments. They offer comfort by keeping cool and relaxed during their busy lives. Are you are considering improving your home by installing air conditioning? There are some important things you need to consider before taking the leap of buying an AC system. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your decision.


Pro: Great Health Benefits


Air conditioning is considered one of the top preventers of heat-related illnesses and even death. Conditions such as heat stroke claim the lives of hundred of people each year. Having an air conditioning system can help your family avoid such results. Children and the elderly in particular are vulnerable in the heat. It’s recommended that they stay in air-conditioned environments during the hottest parts of the day and drink lots of water. Having air conditioning in your home will make it easier protecting the more vulnerable members of your family.


Air conditioning is also a great way of making your home suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers. The low humidity that air conditioning units create reduces the buildup of dust. They can also filter out pollen

and stop it from circulating inside. The air conditioning has created a comfortable environment, and your family’s allergies should improve.


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Con: Can cause health problems


If they are not maintained in the correct way, an air conditioning system can be an ideal home from fungus and bacteria. Condensation can build up inside the coils and fan blades, which overtime can develop into mould. Your air conditioner will then blow this mould and fungus into your home. Understandably these particles can make you and your family sick and cause breathing problems.


You need to realise that having an air conditioning unit will require care and attention. Change the filter regularly and keep it clean and these health issues can be easily avoided.


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Pro: Installation and  Maintenance services


Having your air conditioning installed by a trained professional will ensure it works efficiently. It’s also the best way to keep your new unit working to a high standard. There are many wonderful air conditioning providers out there. Try to find one that offers additional extras, such as goettl air conditioning. They will install and aid you in maintaining and cleaning your air conditioning unit. So if you have any problems they are just a phone call away. They are often able to come on the same day, so you won’t be without for long. This kind of service is not always available on other appliances so it makes a great bonus.


Con: Too much reliance


Having air conditioning is great, but if you become too accustomed to it, it can your body less resilient. If you always have your system set to a particular temperature, you body will start to think this is the norm. So if you then spend a lot of time outside in higher temperatures, it can give your body a big shock.


You should now know whether an air conditioning is right for your home and your family. There are significant benefits to having one, and they can add money to your home. But you need to commit fully to their care. So consider your options wisely.

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  1. I agree it can be nice to have cool air conditioning in your home and that your body can get used to being cooled much of the time, resulting in a lower resistance to different climates in your body.

    However, everything in moderation is good.

    A lot of places e.g. busy restaurants, indoor sports venues and even business’ offices need air conditioning for the hot summer months.

    Thanks for sharing this great article, I enjoyed it!

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