The average couple spends about $35,329 on their wedding. A big bulk of this goes toward wedding vendors, from florists to photographers. 

Some couples choose to hire on a wedding videographer as well. Videography for wedding documentation is a newer trend that captures more special moments.  

Read on for the pros and cons of hiring a wedding videographer. 

A Way to Capture More Wedding Details

A videographer can help make the whole wedding experience more memorable. They work to create a custom movie that recaps all the highlights of your special day.

When hiring a videographer, you'll receive live professional footage of your wedding moments. This includes the first look, vows, and first dance. You can also capture more footage of the father-daughter dance and cutting the cake. 

Video is a great way to recap the maid of honor and best man speeches as well. You also get to relive funny moments and conversations between friends and family.  

Your wedding day goes by in a blur, making it hard to focus on and memorize certain details. With video, you get to see how lively the reception is. You hear all the music selections and see the reactions and emotions of guests. 

A videographer can even record special interactions with older grandparents. It's nice to have these extra memories of them when they pass away someday. 

Other wedding video tips include getting footage of the bride and groom's big exit. Video does a stunning job of showing how beautiful a lantern or sparkler send off is.  

A No Regrets Approach to Your Wedding Day 

Some brides who opt out of videography services may end up regretting this decision. They wish they had more footage of their special day to look back on.  

Photography tends to focus more on the bride and groom, following them around for the day. While video footage can capture more details that the wedding party is not always part of. This includes guest arrivals, cocktail hour, and special family moments.   

Having this extra footage helps the bride and groom to feel as though they didn't miss out on anything. Be sure to create a detailed list of all the video footage you want to capture. These wedding videographer tips ensure you'll have documentation of all the best moments. 

A Choice Between Different Filming Styles 

Much like photography, you get to choose from different creative video styles. Standard video services capture all the major events during the wedding.

Documentary style can include interviews with the bride, groom, and family members. The videographer can even let guests leave a special video message for the bride and groom.  

Many brides also choose to do something more creative with their video footage. This helps to capture how hard the bride worked to bring her wedding vision to life.

Videography for wedding events shows off the full theme and ambiance of the wedding. These videos help showcase all the unique ideas for your wedding reception. This includes the decor, little details, and ceremony and reception designs.  

Smart wedding videography tips include asking for plenty of video samples beforehand. This way you can make sure the videographer's creative style is what you're looking for.  

An Added Wedding Expense 

With the cost of weddings increasing it's harder for brides to stick to their budget. 80% of couples set a budget for their wedding, with about half of them going over it. 

Adding a wedding ceremony video means you're hiring another vendor. These videography services are also quite expensive. Experienced videographers can cost a few thousand dollars.

Looking for low prices most often means lower quality filming and editing. You likely will not be happy with the final results in this case. 

Some larger photographer companies offer wedding package deals. Videography services are added to their pricing structure to save you some money.

A videographer is also another vendor that will need a meal and a room if traveling out of their area. It's another point person that you need to work into your timeline and manage details with. This can make things more overwhelming for a bride or a wedding planner. 

You may have to sacrifice on other wedding details to budget for a videographer. Consider your wedding priorities before making the commitment and booking a videographer. 

An Extra Service That May Go Unappreciated 

There is a great deal of time, energy, and money that goes into making a wedding video. Yet, sometimes the footage doesn't end up being as valued as it should. 

Wedding pictures get printed and hung in your home. Here they are appreciated for the rest of your life. Video footage tends to get viewed much less often. 

The couple may only watch it a few times right after they get married or on their first anniversary. Then the video often never gets watched again after this.  

Yet, some couples pass down videos to share with their children and grandchildren. So, it's important to think about how much the video will get watched. A videographer for wedding events is a big expense for so little use afterward. 

Booking Videography for Wedding Events

Videography for wedding events offers a unique way to capture your special day. Yet, adding a videographer vendor is a big investment and depends on your wedding vision. 

The decision comes does to your budget and wedding expectations. It also depends on the way you want to remember your wedding day.  

Looking for more tips on planning your special day? Check out the wedding section of our blog for all the latest advice. 

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