The Pros and Cons of Living Full-Time in a Yurt

The Pros and Cons of Living Full-Time in a Yurt

Yurt living has become incredibly popular over the past few years. People love that they can downsize and feel like they’re on vacation daily. Plus, living in a yurt gets you off the grid and allows you to spend more time with nature. What’s not to love?

Before moving from traditional living to a yurt, you should read a few pros and cons of full-time yurt living. It may help you decide if yurt living is truly the best option for you.

Yurt Living Pros

Many love living in a yurt full-time. It provides benefits you can’t receive from a traditional home in the U.S. Here are a few excellent pros to yurt living:

Peace and Quiet

One thing people particularly love about yurt living is the peacefulness and serenity it provides. You can get closer to nature since your home is in the middle of it. You’ll wake up to birds chirping, welcoming you to a new day. It’s easy to journal or meditate with the stillness and quiet.

The View

The spectacular views alone make full-time yurt living worth it. Since the beauty of nature surrounds you, you’ll experience the breathtaking landscape in a whole new light.

An Unforgettable Experience

Have you ever done something and walked away thinking, “that was an experience I’ll never forget?” That’s what it’s like living in a yurt.

Environmentally Friendly

Yurts have little impact on the land, making them a more eco-friendly shelter option. Since yurts are significantly smaller than traditional homes, they use fewer materials. Plus, with no foundation, they’re portable.

Yurt Living Cons

Even with the amazing pros, yurt living can still be challenging. These are a few cons to living in a yurt full-time:

Pests and Rodents

Ants, flies, and other pests can more easily enter your yurt than in a traditional house. You may want to rethink yurt living if you don’t appreciate this.

Little Privacy

Because a yurt has an open design, you won’t have much privacy. It’s like a studio apartment. If you have kids or plan on sharing the space with a roommate, you may want to consider this disadvantage.

Indoor Plumbing Issue

You can install a bathroom in your yurt, but they aren’t standard. Most yurt owners have a shared or private bathroom located outside. The bathroom situation is something to consider before living in a yurt.

Wrapping Things Up

Yurt living isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Go over the above pros and cons list again before deciding to live in a yurt full-time. Maybe you can try vacationing in a yurt first to see how well it fits your lifestyle.

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