I have a sweet tooth so I of course love brownies and cookies. The Protein Bakery makes yummy brownies, blondies and cookies that are full of protein. Protein helps build muscle, prevents blood sugar spikes, and makes you feel full. Their products are also high in fiber, low in gluten, trans fat free, preservative free, and wheat flour free. The Protein Bakery bakes in small batches from scratch everyday so their products are fresh. I received an assortment of their brownies, blondies, and cookies to try. The box was nicely packed with tissue paper and everything was individually sealed in plastic. Some of my favorite items were the mint brownie, chocolate chip brownie, peanut butter brownie and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The brownies were large. The mini brownies were a nice size and great for a snack. The cookies were thick and snack size. Everything was fresh and tasted good. The box didn’t last long in our house. The Protein Bakery items would be a nice gift for anyone, especially someone who works out who loves protein.

This company hooked me up, I got blondies, brownies, and cookies to enjoy. My husband loved these things, he so snatched them up so fast, he loved them all a lot. We are on some health kick lately and these were right up our alley. They are so tasty and I couldn’t even tell they were healthy foods. The brownies were amazing and soft and tasted just as they are labeled. I like how they weren’t to rich to eat which was nice, very melt in your mouth type! The cookies were just as good as well, though they were very messy as they crumbled easily, simply enjoy on a plate and soon enough those 2 cookies are gone before your eyes. The far right one’s which are blondie type of bread treat, were interesting for sure. Which all were amazing and very fresh, soft, tasty, full of nutrients, healthy and best of all you can’t even tell you are eating protein food. Love how they are individually wrapped so they stay fresh. I got to try the peanut butter brownie, chocolate chip cookies.

Company Overview
Our trans-fat/wheat flour-free/gluten-free recipes balance delectable taste with heart-healthy rolled oats and high-grade whey protein isolate. Higher in dietary fiber and delivering five times more protein than the average baked good, our products keep our customers smiling longer. Protein's endurance power prevents spikes in blood sugar levels, which in turn keeps the heart beating steady and the body in balance.

The cookies were the right amount of taste and size.

The brownies were delicious and small enough to not feel guilty but taste amazing. I loved all the protein bakery flavors and varieties of blondies, cookies, and brownies.

Recommended if you love protein products and sweets. They aren't super sweet but just the right amount of deliciousness.





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