Do your children want a pet, and you don't want a real one. Get the Zoomer Kitty its like they have a real one.We love this zoomer Kitty, my nephew had the Dino and he took this thing all over the place.

Your kids will love this sweet kitty when you bring it home, it loves to play and pounce and can even purr. With True Vision technology, she actually sees and follows your movements. As you play her eyes will change color letting you know exactly how she’s feeling.She has touch sensors in her head, ears and cheeks. And will react when you touch her.

This is the cutest kitty she will nuzzle in and respond with purrs because she feels good. She even has a play mode she sings,dances an d she can even perform some very secret trick. Tease ger withher toy and watch her  go crazy with her cap nip, she will follow it as you play with her.


She will wander off if you arent giving her attention, she will wonder off on her own adventures. . Zoomer Kitty is curious, cuddly and loves to perform tricks. Adopt the kitty that’s full of life with Zoomer Kitty, you’re PURRfect friend. Zoomer would be an especially great solution for kids living in no-pet apartments or in a household with pet allergies; or for a child who has difficulty regulating emotions, difficulty with empathy, violent outbursts that hurt others. 


It has six different “modes” that it cycles through when interacting with it, or you can press a button to switch to a new mode (I’m defining the modes as: default, play, trick, pounce, cuddle, and sleep)..  We are having so much fun with zoomer kitty, shes a great addition to my nephews toys.  She is full of life-like movements and can even pounce like a real cat! When in pounce mode her eyes will turn yellow. When you see her get low, you know she’s ready to Pounce!

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