Just because Valentine’s day is over that doesn’t mean you can’t treat that someone special to a romantic gift. In fact, we think that the more spontaneous and unexpected the present, the more romantic it is. That’s why we’ve created this really romantic post for our gift guide section. It’s for all you lovers out there to use whenever you feel an especially powerful surge of love for your partner. Read on for gift ideas that come from the heart and some super lovey-dovey tips on how to present these gifts to your sweetheart.



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Romantic gift ideas


Be prepared to say “awww!” a lot:


  • A hamper full of their favorite indulgent and luxurious goodies. This is a great gift for your partner because it’s personal to them, and they’ll feel truly spoiled by it. For ease, you can purchase a ready-made hamper. Check out Boxt Romantic Gift Baskets, for example. Or you could make one up yourself.
  • A personalized piece of jewelry. Not only does your partner get a beautiful new item of jewelry, but it comes with a heartfelt message from you to them. Most good jewelry shops will offer engraving services, so you can get it all done at once. If you are buying for a guy who is not that into jewels, how about engraved cufflinks or watch?
  • A piece of artwork. A painting or picture is always an amazing gift to receive, but you can get the added ‘aww-factor’ if the artwork has special meaning for the two of you. For example, perhaps you could find a painting of the park where you first held hands, or the place where you got engaged. Or, take a favorite photo of the two of you and give it a new romantic effect, like black and white. If you don’t have photo editing software, there are many free websites you can use.
  • A weekend away. Every couple loves the chance to get away from it all and reconnect with one another. A couple of nights in a beautiful hotel or private villa could be the perfect gift for you both!


How to present your romantic gift


Part of the romance of receiving a gift is in the way it is presented.


  • Make it a surprise. When your partner doesn’t expect what’s coming it makes the gift all the more romantic. Do your best to keep it secret for as long as possible. This may involve a bit of covert activity like finding a good hiding spot for gifts and looking through his or her diary to find out when she is available for a weekend away.
  • Make it part of a bigger occasion. Fool your partner into thinking that the beautiful bath you have just run for them or the romantic dinner you’ve just cooked is their treat. Then present them with their gift. They will feel so spoilt!
  • Gift wrap or hide it well. Give your sweetheart a challenge to unwrap or find the present. The suspense and excitement of finding out what it is will be huge.

We are sure your someone special will feel like the luckiest person alive!

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