Because of its beautiful climate, tourist attractions and its friendly people, Greece has become quite popular as a travel destination for tourists all over the world. Holiday is the European term for vacation and people the world over flock to Greece to get their vacation fix.

The sights are breathtaking.

Bodies of water in Greece tend to be a bright crystal blue and sparkle in the sun. Kos Island, known for its immense beauty, is a tourist destination where many people drive to get a glimpse of its magnificent beauty. Greece has many cafes and restaurants where you can eat and look at the scenery outside. You can watch the sun set into the landscape and possibly tour Santorini, a Greek island known for its charming, whitewashed mountainside buildings and breathtaking views of the Greek coastline. Or perhaps you will choose to stay in one of the beautiful antiparos luxury villas and experience all that the semi-undiscovered Greek island of Antiparos has to offer. Whatever you decide, the beauty surrounding you is boundless, and the warmth of the seas laps at your toes, if you sit on the coastline.

Airline Tickets

Ryanair air tickets are quite popular for tourists who want to visit the beautiful vistas of Greece. Prices for this airline hover at around $2,000, and tourists can specify when they want to leave for and return from Greece. The flight time for a plane ride from the United States to Greece is roughly 37 hours and 50 minutes for a nonstop flight. However, tourists aren’t deterred by the long trip and don’t mind traveling to catch a glimpse of Greece’s breathtaking beauty. Some flights, however, have one stop during the flight.

Greek Food

Greece is known for its rich cuisine, and tourists are drawn to the country’s exquisite restaurants. Tourists can find Greek restaurants just about anywhere they travel. Some travelers prefer having a Greek salad before digging into their main dish, while others opt for lush vegetables, such as vine leaves. Popular main dishes include moussaka, which is a baked meal that consists of cinnamon, minced lamb, and aubergines.


Tourism in Greece has grown very popular over the years and generates significant revenue for the country. According to Wikipedia, in 2015, Greece received 30.1 million tourists, and that number continues to grow. This year, the country expects to receive an estimated 32.5 million tourists. There are many sites where you can find Ryanair Air Tickets for a trip to Greece.

Outdoor Activities

Greece is a boon for nature lovers, especially those who enjoy nature and relish a quiet walk and getting a glimpse of nature. Tourists can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world along Elafonisos, which is a small island situated off the Lakonia coastline. Waters are warm and relaxing, and the wonders of nature are all around you. Even if you visit Greece during the cooler seasons, you can find warmth in its crystalline waters. In addition to its breathtaking beauty and abundance of dining options, Greece has a multitude of mountains to see. People come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of this beautiful country.


History is also a draw for travelers. Many people choose to visit Athens, the country’s capital and one of the world’s most ancient cities. The mountainous coastlines of Greece are home to over 2,000 small and large Greek islands. Because of its rich history and ancient landmarks, visitors to Greece can tour Greek archaeology.

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