The success of a cafe and restaurant business depends a lot on customer satisfaction. When we talk about customer satisfaction, usually we point out the standard of hospitality and the quality of food. However, these are not the only factors that impact customer satisfaction because there is yet another crucial factor that people often overlook. It is the ambience of the place that is critically important for customers to form an opinion about how much they like a place. Despite the best quality food and hospitality, if the ambience is not to the liking of customers, they would never feel like visiting again. The ambience is mainly responsible for making customers feel at ease and carry back happy memories that encourages them to come back again. A beautiful ambience, excellent service and lip smacking delicacies are what constitute the recipe for a perfect cafe or restaurant. You must know the latest cafe trends that customers prefer to have in a cafe environment.

In this article, we will explore why ambience is so important for restaurants and cafes and how furniture can contribute to creating the right ambience.

Ambience leaves a mark on customer experience

The moment customers step inside the premises of a cafe and restaurant for the first time, they look around the place and form an instant opinion about the standard of the place, and how much they like it. From the welcome gesture of the attendant at the gate to the overall layout and interior design together with the furniture and fixtures contributes to the style and decor of the place, they take everything into account. The first impression matters a lot in creating the right perception of the place, and the ambience is responsible for facilitating the process of forming an opinion.

Studies have revealed that the cafe ambience has a wide-ranging impact on customer experience. From the perceptions of customers about reliability to how much they eat and spend to their desire to revisit the cafe, everything depends on how much they liked the ambience of the place.  Therefore, creating the right ambience is topmost in the minds of cafe and restaurant owners.

Creating the perfect ambience

The ambience is the environment or atmosphere of the place. It is an intangible element that appeals to the sensory elements of customers. To make it attractive contains several things that have to work in unison to strike the right chords with customers and create a sense of well being and happiness.  The interior design is a significant factor that contributes to the ambience and even the colours, sound and smell of the place influence customer experience. The layout of the cafe determines how spacious it is because customers dislike crammed space. The cafe furniture is an essential element that complements the interior design by offering comfortable sitting and relaxing options for customers.  The furniture must be very attractive, and the sitting comfort has to delight customers so that they can concentrate on the food and drinks.

Choosing the cafe furniture

Aesthetics and comfort of use are the determining factors for the right cafe furniture. The design has to be attractive, and the dimensions must be correct for providing extreme comfort and ease of handling. The aesthetic

has to balance with the other elements of interior decoration, and the style should blend well with the surrounding.  In addition to infusing the comfort factor into furniture design, another dimensional aspect is also crucial. The size of the furniture should not be so big that it eats up the available space. It should be just optimal for comfort and fit into the layout of the restaurant by creating ample space within the cafe for ease of movement of the staff and customers. The furniture has to complement the interior design, and you would find a wide range of cafe furniture at

Creating space with furniture layout

For a pleasant dining experience, customers want to relax in their chairs when they are sitting at the tables.  The furniture design has to support the layout design so that customers do not stifle when they are enjoying at the restaurant.  The dimension of furniture has to offer comfort and also maximise the available ground space so that people don’t feel cramped. The furniture has to match with the seating arrangements so that it looks equally pleasing when viewed from a standing position and while sitting too.

Even the best-looking furniture could fail to appeal to the senses of customers if the size is not right, either too big or too small. Creating space that gives customers enough elbow room should be the objective of selecting cafe furniture. The furnishings should also look exclusive and be sturdy to last long.

Furniture colour scheme

The cafe furniture is an integral part of the interior design. Customers judge restaurants and cafes by the interior colours too. Choosing the furniture colours in a well-thought manner is essential.  The interior design and colour scheme is likely to represent some theme, and the furniture colour has to complement it perfectly. Whether the furniture should have high polish, bright colours, a rustic appeal or neutral shades would depend on what matches with the overall interior design. Colours have a profound psychological impact on the minds of customers and choosing it needs some proper research and understanding about how you want to create a positive impact with colours.

Having done with furniture, turn to the lighting scheme of the restaurant. It is another crucial factor in creating the perfect ambience. The lighting has to uphold other elements of interior decoration in the right perspective. Unless the walls, ceiling and the tables have adequate lighting, the overall effect of interior decoration will get lost. Moreover, lighting helps to create the appropriate mood of the place and captures the spirit of the cafe. The dining area will no doubt be your main priority for lighting but you also need to take care that areas like the front, kitchen and toilets also have proper lighting. Proper lighting makes the place look more inviting as customers enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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