The Rolls Royce Of Baby Bottles

I'm Calling These The Rolls Royce Of Baby Bottles Because They Are That Impressive

Do you have a very picky breastfed baby?  I mean, will they only drink from your nipple or can you give them a bottle while Mom's gone?  My granddaughter would not take a bottle from anyone!  I wish I would've known about these when she was little.  Let me tell you about them.  Hegen Bottles are like no other.  As a matter of fact, as I said in the title, I'm calling them the Rolls Royce of baby bottles.  First of all, their packaging is ridiculous!  Second, the bottles mimic Mom's breast better than any that I've seen.  They recently sent me the Hegen PCTO Basic Starter Kit PPSU and I couldn't be happier.  I'll go into more detail on what those acronym's mean later, but for now, trust me when I say, you need these bottles!

The Rolls Royce Of Baby Bottles

Why These Rolls Royce Bottles

Ok, first and foremost, you know how new Mommies (actually all Moms) have their hands full?  Well, Hegen has made it so that you only need one hand.  Instead of screwing on the bottle top, she'll only need to use their patent-pending press to close, twist to open (it's very easy) lids.  The starter kit I received will give her everything she needs to try them out.  A wonderful thing about breastfeeding is every single drop counts, am I right?  That's why you'll only use this one bottle from pump to the baby's mouth to eliminate any spillage.  I'm telling you that breastmilk is like gold!  Especially if you're a Mommy that isn't “gifted” in that department.

As if that isn't enough for this bottle, it also has air venting.  Air venting minimizes air bubbles and oxidation that cause baby's tummy troubles, not to mention, colic.  The nipple is shaped to mimic Mom's and to stimulate latching.  The secured closure will protect the milk and keep it fresh.  What kind of great bottle would it be without hassle-free cleaning?  This baby bottle has literally everything you can ask for.

The Rolls Royce Of Baby Bottles

Acronym Meanings

Ok, the PCTO simply stands for “press to close” and “twist to open”.  Simple, right?  Now, PPSU stands for polyphenylsulfone, which is a huge word that means the highest performing thermoplastic.  It's completely FDA compliant and known for very high-temperature resistance.  It combines the advantages of glass and plastic materials.  It's also BPA-free, lightweight, and contains no artificial pigments.  In other words, it's very safe for baby.

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