With the weather getting warmer, we have opened the pool up I been looking for a simple sandal I can wear, and use for the pool as well as all the time. For me, the footwear has to be comfortable. I'm a sneaker kind of girl but there are times when a simple sandal would be great to wear.

Thats where Joybees comes in they have a whole line of shoes for the whole family. If you unapologetically color outside the lines, keep doing your thing. Just do it in supportive sandals that are designed to go anywhere you take them! Joybees Everyday Sandals come in bright, bold patterns that make a statement as soon as you enter the room. Who better to make the world a more vibrant place than you?

These are the softest shoes I have had in a long time, I love the way they feel and how they fit just right, finding the shoe you want is the hard part, they have so many great shoes that you will find the one you want, I don't know about you but I wanted something comfortable and these are it,

Everyday Sandal, Dance Sandal, Casual Flip, Splash Sneaker, and Adventure Sandal. Joybees aims to deliver high quality and comfortable products at a price point that rarely sees innovation and quality, or such a high caliber of design.

The initial launch features multiple sandal styles, including a flip-flop and multi-strap sandals for women and a children’s slip-on sneaker. They use lightweight material massaging honeycomb insoles will keep you on your feet for whatever the day brings.

They have fun colors as well as classics making it easy to wear then every day or for something special. You will be able to pair these comfortable shoes with any everyday outfit.

These sandals are very cute and I believe I will be using them as my everyday go-to sandal. They are lightweight and comfortable and can be worn in all types of weather.

So for all your footwear needs head over to Joybees and see for your self.

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